The Year Ahead 2021


As The Year Ahead 2021 begins, Jupiter is positioned in Aquarius, where it has been since 19th December 2020 and will remain for the first time until 14th May 2021, when Jupiter will move into Pisces until 28th July 2021. After its short stay in Pisces, Jupiter will again move back into Aquarius from 28th July until 29th December 2021. Jupiter has a cycle of about 12 years, creating a situation where Jupiter spends around a year in each Zodiac Sign. This means it has been 12 years since Jupiter was last in Aquarius. It has been 11 years since Jupiter last ventured into Pisces. Jupiter is the planet that most contributes to the change of energy injected into our lives each the year. Jupiter is a planet of expansion but while in Capricorn during 2020, where Jupiter is positioned in its Fall, Jupiter’s ability to operate without restriction was hugely limited, as we all experienced with Covid.

Jupiter will be happier in Aquarius, mainly because Aquarius is an independent, individualistic, freedom orientated Zodiac Sign, having more in common with the lack of restraint that Jupiter prefers. Aquarius is also rebellious, so that Governments’ attempting to apply the restrictions they have during 2020, while Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were all in the rules and regulation sign of Capricorn, will be met with far greater resistance from the public at large. As Aquarius is an Air Sign it is associated with communication coupled with technology through Aquarius. The contact tracing that has been put in place for smart phone use should be an immense help in avoiding lockdowns.

Jupiter will travel through the whole sign of Aquarius by mid May 2021, which means it will be moving very fast indeed. This will generate a lot of activity and get matters moving along quickly. This will be especially so for all Aquarian Sun Signs or Ascendant particularly, but also all of Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. When Jupiter returns to Aquarius between late July and late December 2021 there can be a second chance or a finalising stage to matters that began up to mid May for Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio born in the last 9 days of these signs. As Aquarius is an Air Sign and Jupiter is a planet that rules travel, especially long distance, the airline industry should go ahead in leaps and bounds up to mid May in particular.

Jupiter’s move into Pisces from mid May until late July 2021 will bring a change of pace. Pisces is one of the Zodiac Signs Jupiter has rulership of, therefore, Jupiter will be very comfortable in Pisces. It will give everybody time to have a rest after Jupiter’s swift movement through all of Aquarius. Jupiter will only nudge into the very beginning of Pisces and this means it will only give a small taste of what this combination has to offer. This will have the greatest effect on Pisces, born in the first 2 days as well as Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini born 2 days in. Jupiter has a lazy side to its nature.

Pisces is not the most energetic, get up and go sign. This combination can be very reflective, as Pisces is a water sign. To reflect upon anything requires quiet time to oneself and this is what Jupiter in Pisces will offer. This will mean that everybody will have the opportunity to reflect upon whatever has taken place since 19th December 2020 and 14th May 2021, when Jupiter travelled through Aquarius and any matter that might need correction. A better way of doing things could become apparent as well.

Because Pisces is a water sign and Jupiter is a travel planet, this is likely to be the time that cruising will take its first steps in being opened up again. Due to the fact that Jupiter only nudges into early Pisces and will come back again late December 2021 to early May 2022, when it will move through the whole sign of Pisces, this is a more likely time that the industry will then be free to operate normally with new methods and means it has adapted to. This could also be true of international travel generally, mainly because of Pisces being a boundless and adaptable Zodiac Sign.

As Jupiter is a planet that has a strong influence over the nature of the year, we can expect a changeable year in 2021 because of Jupiter moving between 2 Zodiac Signs. This will affect everybody because while in Aquarius, Jupiter will put energy into one area of life of a Personal Horoscope and then when it changes to Pisces it will do this to another area of life, only to return to where it began in Aquarius.

Saturn – the planet of seriousness and responsibility has rulership of 2 Zodiac Signs – the earth sign, Capricorn and the air sign, Aquarius. This means that Saturn is quite comfortable when travelling through these signs. In Capricorn, Saturn tends to be conservative and accepting of rules and regulations as well as respectful to those in positions of authority. Saturn moved into Capricorn in December 2017 and completely moved out of Capricorn on the 17th December 2020. Saturn’s position in Capricorn in 2020 was most instrumental in people accepting lockdowns and border closures worldwide, along with controlling Pluto, also in Capricorn. Saturn is associated with fear – this has certainly been pushed by Governments (also ruled by Saturn) to keep control. Saturn rules older people and with Saturn in Capricorn it was eventually established that Covid caused death mostly in older people, particularly with co-morbidities.

Aquarius is a sign that runs counter to mainstream and this is where it differs very much to Capricorn. Saturn in Aquarius will be more about turning ideas into a solid reality.   Aquarius rules modern technology and inventions, therefore, this will no doubt have a lot to do with the vaccine becoming a solid reality. Saturn was in Aquarius for a short period of time during 2020 – from 22nd March until 2nd July, when no doubt, vaccines would have been on the drawing board but also technology was used as a means for continuing business. People became very inventive with finding alternative ways to generate an income. Saturn moved into Aquarius, on the 17th December 2020, for the second a final time, where it will remain until 8th March 2023. Saturn has, in round terms, a 30-year cycle. This means that the last time (except between 22nd March and 2nd July 2020) Saturn was in Aquarius was 30 years ago –mid February 1991 through to late January 1994. Looking back at events that took place during that period of time can bring enlightenment as to the type of things that might need to be dealt with, though with 30 years life experience, they can be dealt with quite differently this time!!   Aquarian Sun Sign’s will certainly have major turning points take place in their lives over the 3-year period Saturn moves through Aquarius. But so will those with personal points in Aquarius – the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Ascendant or the Midheaven in their Personal Horoscope. For those under 30 years of age this could be their first significant experience of responsibility.

Saturn in Aquarius will not be so subject to fear because of Aquarius being an independent, rebellious sign. Independent applies to private enterprise, which has been hardest hit from lockdowns. Younger people tend to be more independently inclined. The underlying rebellious streak of Aquarius is fast generating a stage of enough is enough, particularly from independent thinkers.

The Great Conjunction (or coming together) of Jupiter and Saturn occurred in early Aquarius on 22nd December 2020, coinciding with the Solstice. These two planets come together every 20 years and generate the beginning of a new 20 Year Cycle, which includes a financial cycle. The last time this occurred was May 2000. The area of life this activates for each Zodiac Sign will be discussed in the Predictions for the 12 Zodiac Signs.

Elections for President in the USA closely correspond with these Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn. President’s elected at these times die in office, either due to assassination or health issues. Only two have survived so far – Ronald Reagon, who was shot but survived and George W. Bush – where the Election result was drawn out and decided by a court. He also had the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11 to deal with. There has certainly been no end of drama with the recent Election with 71 million people believing there was Electoral Fraud. It will be interesting to see what dramas unfold during the term.

The Covid experience has changed the world, which has tended to generate a sense that it may never return to what was once normal. With so many new cycles now beginning in Aquarius – a new 12 Year cycle with Jupiter moving into Aquarius, a new 30 year cycle with Saturn moving into Aquarius and a new 20 year cycle with Jupiter and Saturn coming together in Aquarius, it is unlikely the world can return to what was once normal. Aquarius runs counter to normal, so it seems we will be dealing with a new world, very much dictated by technology, one way or another. Although this new 12-year, 30-year and 20-year cycle all occur in Aquarius, every single person has Aquarius on one sector of their Personal Horoscope that has rulership of a particular area of life. This part of life will be under the influence of all these new cycles and result in major changes.

Pluto will remain in Capricorn on it’s own, now that Jupiter and Saturn have moved out. Its heavy hand of control may not be experienced quite so much now that Saturn has moved on. Pluto is a planet that brings once in a lifetime changes in the form of complete endings and new beginnings. It will affect Capricorn’s born between the 15th & 17th January. It can take something away from Cancer’s, born between 17th & 19th July. Pluto will put Aries, born between 15th & 17th April under a lot of pressure when it comes to responsibilities and put Libran’s born between 18th & 20th October in challenging situations with home & family.

Uranus has an 84-year cycle, so spends 7 years in each Zodiac Sign during that period. Uranus moved into Taurus initially in 2018 for 6 months and then settled back in Taurus in March 2019. It will remain in Taurus until 2026. Uranus is the planet that brings the unexpected. It can generate a desire to be radical and different and not follow rules and regulations. Taurus is a rather conservative and reliable sign but under this influence of Uranus they could become surprisingly unpredictable or may need to deal with these types of circumstances in their life. Taurus born between 27th April & 5th May, will come under this influence in 2021. Also Scorpio born between 30th October & 7th November; Aquarian’s born between 27th January & 4th February and Leo’s born between 30th July & 7th August.

Uranus in Taurus will be linking up with Saturn in Aquarius three times in 2021, which in effect will have influence over the whole year because both these planets are slow moving.

This is a very challenging link up and one that has fighting spirit, particularly as Uranus is involved. It will have an overall effect on life in general, especially situations where rules and regulations are being put in place that inhibit freedom of choice. This will stimulate rebellion and because both these planets are in fixed Zodiac Signs there will be underlying determination that will not be thwarted when it comes to any matter where it seems enough is enough.

This can also be an inventive combination of a persevering quality with great determination to overcome difficulties and meet challenges. Inventiveness can turn something that might have seemed impossible into a successful outcome, mainly because of not being prepared to give up but to keep on keeping on.

Those born during the birth dates above in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo will be most challenged or will utilise this link up between Saturn & Uranus for ultimate success but so can those born with the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Ascendant or Midheaven in any of these signs in the Birth Horoscope.

Mercury, the planet of communication has 3 retrograde (or backward) periods each year. During these times things tend to go awry as confusion reigns. These are not good times to make purchases unless it is to replace something that has broken down. Past issues come up for review, particularly for the Zodiac Sign in which these periods take place.

It is not the best time for travel as there can be all sorts of mix-ups. These times can be extremely favourable for finding lost things, for becoming aware of past mistakes and for getting money, which has been owed, paid back. They are also times when true perception is heightened. Contemplation of matters that have been a puzzle will bring to the surface of one’s mind, the true state of affairs.

Mercury will retrograde in the Air Zodiac Signs of Aquarius, Gemini & Libra.

The Air Signs are those of communication and conversation. These would be times to be mindful of what you have to say as it may seem too cut and dried, lacking sensitivity. The 1st Period while Mercury will be in Aquarius, it will be possible to come up with some very unique ideas or solutions to matters. Certainly avoid the purchase of anything electronic unless it has broken down and needs replacing. The 2nd Period while Mercury will be in Gemini will be very busy and mistakes can easily be made, as Gemini can be careless because of moving along quickly. Mercury rules Gemini, so is very comfortable here. The 3rd Period while Mercury will be in Libra, the focus will be on relationships and general communication with others. Misunderstandings could easily arise, especially if there has been a presumption of agreement before any proper discussion has taken place.

               1st Period – 31st January until 21st February 2021, in Aquarius

                  2nd Period – 30th May until 12th July 2021, in Gemini
                    3rd Period – 30th August until 6th November, in Libra
Following are my interpretations of what the 12 Zodiac Signs can expect during 2021. If you know your Ascendant, you should read that in combination with your Sun Sign.

The Ascendant is calculated with the time of birth. If you do not know your Ascendant and you do know the time of the day you were born, email or write (sending a self addressed stamped envelope) to:

ABC Plaza 7/60 North East Road
WALKERVILLE 5081 South Australia

I will calculate this for you free of charge.The information I require for this is your full birth date, the time of your birth and where you were born.

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ARIES:    (Born between 21st March & 20th April)
The last half of 2020 placed you in an unusually long cycle requiring you to focus on yourself, which could have included your general well being. Dealing with frustration could have also played a role. You will now move on from that and find this year far more stimulating with regular change, even different things to do. The Great Conjunction will activate the area of your life connected to important priorities – in effect it will encourage you to think about what you believe will be of greatest significance in the long term in your life. Between mid May and late July you could realise what you need to let go of or what you do not have the same need for, as has been the case so far in life. Involvement with groups of people can become more so. This can be a team at work, committees. You could also make new friends and associates. People who are in a position to put in a good word for you will be more than willing to do so. Be cautious with spending this year, as there could be some unexpected expenses. On the positive side, there could be windfalls but don’t rely on this occurring. Be mindful of any contracts or agreements from early May to mid July. It may be difficult to know exactly where you stand with somebody during October so don’t rush anything.

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TAURUS:  (Born between 21st April & 20th May)
Forward movement will take shape between early January and early March as you begin a new 2-year personal cycle, which has no doubt felt a long time coming. This could bring with it some surprising opportunities, though you will need to watch impulsiveness, simply as a means of breaking free. The Great Conjunction will bring commitments and responsibility into focus that will have something to do with your life generating dramatic changes to what has been normal. This could include a big change to the sort of work you do, promotion, even gaining greater recognition. You could find yourself in situations where there are certain expectations that require personal adjustment – not all of them pleasing you, however, there is likely to be little choice. Opportunities can arise, initially between mid May and late July that will be encouraging when it comes to involving yourself in circumstances that suit your wishes. This could result in the establishment of new friendships or see you become part of a group. This will solidify in 2022. Take care of your health from late August to early November. It might pay you to get into some regular exercise from mid September to late October. Watch conflict or selfishness from others during November to mid December

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GEMINI:    (Born between 21st May & 20th June)
You will be very keen to get on with matters in relation to making some personal progress, from early March to August. Watch rushing though. Mercury, your ruling planet will spend a long time in your sign from early May to mid July – this could encourage you to attempt too many things at once or to become easily distracted from important matters. The first three weeks in June will be a good time for reviewing where things stand – you might find you will want to change something. The Great Conjunction will turn your attention to the future, mostly based on what you believe to be important in life and perhaps what might need to be learned or qualifications required, to eventually gain those goals. You can be especially focussed on the changing world and what this means to you and where you can head as a result. Some sort of increase in responsibilities that you didn’t expect can occur from mid May through to late July. Although they could then pass away, don’t believe that will be the end of it – they can return in 2022, so it would be wise of you to contemplate the level of commitment you are prepared to take on. You need to become accustomed to surprises that seem to come out of nowhere. Answers will come only through engaging in quiet contemplation away from the hustle and bustle.

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CANCER:    (Born between 21stJune & 22nd July)
From mid April through to November there is much you can accomplish mainly because you will feel it is time to get on with things. You might need to push yourself up to mid June but by then you will be used to it. It will be necessary, at stages, between early May and mid July to have thinking time to yourself. This will especially be the case if you need to deal with new information or refresh your mind with something you have not dealt with in a while. The Great Conjunction will stimulate the area of your life related to anything you own jointly with another person. Bear in mind that this is a cycle that will remain in place for 20 years. Entering into any financial partnerships – business or personal, should be carefully thought out especially regarding exit strategies if it doesn’t work. It is also the area of other people’s finances. This can result in other people being prepared to spend their money with you, either through business or government grants. Payouts can occur, which can also represent inheritances. An interest in the underlying psychology attached to certain types of behaviour may develop, even to the point of studying this or taking up work in these areas. Having therapy so that you gain a sense of greater control of your circumstances can empower you.

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LEO:  (Born between 23rd July & 22nd August)
You have a very busy, even social year ahead of you that may not necessarily be of your own making but rather more in response to others. From mid June through to mid December you should move ahead with putting any long-term goals in place that you have considered during the last half of 2020. Between mid May and mid July you could modify your priorities based on the way life is unfolding. Further decisions could be made between late August and early November, though this could be a time that you need to find out more information. The Great Conjunction will certainly bring you out into the world, one way or another. This will involve interaction with other people either in the form of personal relationships or the establishment of associations in career or business that could be durable and reliable well into the future. As a result, you may gain a lot more recognition or realise you have been appreciated more than you realised with anything you have already been involved with long term. Don’t let your guard down when flattered, by taking on more than you should, or you could find yourself landed with commitments you will not be happy to continue with as time goes on. Don’t ignore any changes of attitude from others from mid May to late July.

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VIRGO:  (Born between 23rd August & 22nd September)
Be mindful of exactly what is involved with any commitments you could enthusiastically agree to during March and April. From early May to late July you could begin to realise the past is repeating itself in ways you are not that happy about, most likely because proper organisation will be lacking. From August through to early 2022, you need to forge ahead bravely, by thinking of yourself and putting strategies into place so that situations important to you personally cannot be overturned because of others lack of proper planning. The Great Conjunction will strongly stimulate your natural Virgo tendencies to become too much of a slave to the needs of others. You will probably not escape having to help organise some things but should avoid taking on most of the work. Dealing with your own health or perhaps circumstances created by the health of somebody else can be central. It might simply be a matter that you will take a lot more interest in your health, which could include exercise. This might also stimulate an interest in working in a field allied to health, fitness, and general well being or caring for others. If you find routine jobs that need to be done start to become too much, it could be time to accept that you should get people to come and do this for you.

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LIBRA:   (Born between 23rd September & 22nd October)
Your mind will be working overtime this year when it comes to generating greater fulfilment, which you could realise, means creating alternatives when it comes to the future. During March & April your focus will be on changes in the long term. You can begin to consider the possible alternatives from early May to mid July. Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, will spend a long time in your sign from 30th August to 6th November. During this period you begin a new 2-year personal cycle in mid September. This combination will get you restless and generate a strong desire to take action. The Great Conjunction takes place in the area of your life associated with being prepared to take risks you would not normally consider. As long as these are measured risks and not something you jump into on the spur of the moment, there is a solid basis for this to work out. Whatever you do needs to have a basis of leisure, pleasure and social activity attached. Children and young people can form a strong part of any decision making. You could feel it is time there was greater creativity in your life, which might involve taking up an interest along these lines. The love of your life could come along either in the form of a partner or a situation of great pleasure.

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SCORPIO:   (Born between 23rd October & 21st November)
From early January you will be ready to get out there and get on with whatever life has to offer. This will be a welcome change to the daily grind you may have felt you had to endure for the last half of 2020. Part of that may have been doing more exercise. The thinking of others could be a mystery so relying on any agreement or support may not be the best thing. This can include being willing to go along with ideas they suggest. This applies from March to June and again from in September and October when something could come to an end. During November into mid December you begin a new 2-year personal cycle allowing you to focus on what is best for you. The Great Conjunction will encourage you to put down stable foundations in your life during the next 20 years. You could find that home and family will mean more to you perhaps in a way of greater involvement. This could include buying your own home, changing home, extending a home, and even beginning a family of your own. Greater interest in family traditions could also develop. Be cautious of taking risks between mid May and late July. Look into these things but wait to see how matters stand by next year.

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SAGITTARIUS:  (Born between 22nd November & 21st December)
This will be a busy year when it comes to communication with others. What you need to watch out for will be them not thinking things through carefully enough in the first place, changing their mind and perhaps backing out at the last minute. You could come across somebody from the past from May to mid July who could be a handy connection in the future. Then from September to early November, involvement in a group situation could have connections to the past. It might also be a time where an old friend re-appears. The Great Conjunction has all the hallmarks of producing a most interesting period in your life that will not only keep you on your toes but also provide plenty to both think and communicate about. It should be far more to your liking than the last 20 years, though they would have taught you to cover the details more than is your natural tendency. Some will take up study – be sure it is something you want to do otherwise it will seem a waste of time. Opportunities can arise to move into areas of instruction or communication, which might also involve writing manuals for work environments. Early education can come into focus. The need to communicate with neighbours more than usual can arise and interaction with siblings can alter in some way.

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CAPRICORN:   (Born between 22nd December & 19th January)
You have had significant cycles of change on a personal level over the last 3 years and now this Great Conjunction will bring focus to your personal finances, certainly with the potential of generating much stability long term. The opportunity to increase your income will be particularly strong up to mid May and then again from late July to late December. This might also be a time where you will be inclined to spend more money. Long-term financial commitments should not be entered into in an overly optimistic manner because the optimism can fade quickly, while the commitment will remain. Rock solid financial stability will be established through wise spending when things are required for more practical reasons and not simply on overindulgences that stretch the limits. Small indulgences will certainly be acceptable here and there. Social activity will pick up quite considerably during January and February. From March it will be necessary to put your energies into getting good routines in place otherwise mistakes will be made causing more work than necessary during May and June. Any situation that involves you dealing with other people will pick up the pace from late April and continue that way, through to mid December, so get ready.

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AQUARIUS:  (Born between 20th January & 18th February)
The Great Conjunction takes place in the very beginning of your sign. This will certainly bring forth a 20-year cycle that has been like nothing you have experienced previously in your life, whatever age you are. The sense of being able to move forward and that the chains have been removed after the last 3 year period that has had an underlying level of a lack of clarity, will be most welcome. Mercury, the planet of thought and communication will spend an especially long period in your sign from the 8th January until 16th March. This will encourage you to consider what you would like for yourself and the pathway you would like to pursue with your life. From the 31st January and 21st February, when Mercury retrogrades, this combined with the Great Conjunction, could help you get in touch with your thoughts at a deeper level, producing real insight on how you want to be seen and accepted. Between mid May and late July your income can increase – you could get a job if you this is something you want – it might only be temporary but could firm up next year. You could also spend more money than you should, so be careful. Creating enjoyment in life will be uppermost in your mind. A future goal to pursue can become evident from September to early November.

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PISCES:  (Born between 19th February & 20th March)
Life could feel more of a mystery than anything else, encouraging you to withdraw rather than putting yourself out there any more than you need to. You should spend the time up to mid March reflecting on what your life means to you as well as researching any changes you think you might like to make. Taking up an interest that engages you mentally or entails some form of communication or sharing of ideas with others can be a big help in keeping any sense of isolation at bay. The Great Conjunction will activate your sensitivities to a very high level. What you will need to be careful about is maintaining a level of reality when it comes to the world you have created for yourself. This will be what you are living in. Wanting to escape from it without a solid plan will not see things working out for the better. If you are satisfied with your life, this new cycle may encourage you to take an interest in the mysterious. You could also feel it is time you gave something back to the world as a means of helping out in some way. From mid May to late July you could become aware of new directions that can eventually be developed. This will not solidify until the first half of 2022.

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