The Year Ahead 2019


As The Year Ahead 2019 begins, Jupiter is positioned in Sagittarius, where it has been since 8th November 2018 and will remain until 3rd December 2019, when Jupiter will move into Capricorn. Jupiter has a cycle of about 12 years, creating a situation where Jupiter spends around a year in each Zodiac Sign. This means it has been 12 years since Jupiter was last in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet that most contributes to the change of energy injected into our lives each the year. Jupiter belongs in Sagittarius, as Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Jupiter is optimistic and expansive and this blends well with the Sagittarian qualities of justice, straightforwardness, generosity, openness and a philosophical approach to life, as well as being prepared to give the benefit of the doubt. This combination generates strong focus on true beliefs both on a spiritual and religious level, though this does not necessarily mean being part of an organisation such as the church, but it can. It represents the moral structure a person lives by. This will be an over-arching energy that will affect everybody, while Jupiter remains in Sagittarius. It can draw people’s attention to what they really believe in and what is important in life. These two influences are also associated with travel, particularly over long distances, so it will encourage many people to be on the move – to go out and see the big wide world.

The down side of Jupiter in Sagittarius can be the lack of boundaries, as neither Jupiter nor Sagittarius is noted for reigning things in and this is a very necessary pursuit in situations in life, so as to keep matters at a manageable level. What can encourage this lack of boundaries will be the link up Jupiter will make to the planet Neptune, positioned in Pisces. This will occur three times during the year – in mid January, mid June and mid to late September. These are periods where the energy generated from these two planets is very strong but this energy will be there in the background all year and can be set off from time to time by faster moving planets. What these two planets have in common is a lack of boundaries. Jupiter encourages optimism and Neptune promotes looking at things as they want to be seen and that can mean reality is overlooked, due to enthusiasm having the upper hand. Out of the ordinary risks on a big scale should be avoided, no matter how promising they seem. Getting advice from a practical person, totally disconnected to the matter, would be wise. The Zodiac Signs that will be most encouraged to respond to this connection between Jupiter and Neptune will be Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces & Virgo. Though because Virgo is naturally detailed and analytical in its approach, it can be far more cautious. This will have greatest influence on any personal positions in the Birth Horoscope that fall into either of these Zodiac Signs – the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Ascendant or the Midheaven.

Saturn the planet of seriousness and responsibility moved into Capricorn, its own Zodiac Sign, on the 20th December 2017, where it will remain until 17th December 2020. Saturn is the planet that puts boundaries into place – it is Jupiter’s balancing partner because Jupiter lacks boundaries. Saturn has, in round terms, a 30-year cycle. This means that the last time Saturn was in Capricorn was 30 years ago – the actual time frame being from 1988, when it was in and out all year but settled in Capricorn during all of 1989 and 1990 through to February 1991. Looking back at events that took place during that period of time can bring enlightenment as to the type of things that might need to be dealt with, though with 30 years life experience, they can be dealt with quite differently this time!!

Saturn in Capricorn demands and will bring an overall practical, down to earth approach to matters in life, which could also establish a tendency to leave more idealistic ideas behind. It will encourage dealing with the reality of any situation. Once that attitude is taken, problems can be solved. This is a large part of the Capricorn nature. Capricorn Sun Sign’s will certainly have major turning points take place in their lives over the 3-year period Saturn moves through Capricorn. But so will those with personal points in Capricorn – the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Ascendant or the Midheaven in their Personal Horoscope.

Saturn in Capricorn will also have link ups to the planet Neptune in Pisces. This will be late January, early February, mid June and mid to late September. This occurs pretty much at the same times Jupiter and Neptune have link ups. These are periods where the energy generated between these two planets is very strong but the energy will be there in the background all year and can be set off from time to time by faster moving planets.

Saturn is associated with structure, being sensible and taking a responsible approach. Its link up to Neptune does provide good opportunity to keep under control, any lack of boundaries or allowing matters to go way over the top or get out of control, as well as perhaps being overly optimistic, that can be the case with the Jupiter and Neptune link up. This Saturn and Neptune link up is especially good for being able to get a good feel for a situation, through the sensing capability of Neptune and then apply a practical approach towards generating a solid and reliable outcome. A cautious wish can come true under this. The Jupiter and Neptune link up will be more appealing but the caution Saturn provides with its link to Neptune can be consciously utilised to bring things down to earth. The Zodiac Signs that will be most encouraged to respond to this connection between Saturn and Neptune will be Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces. This will have greatest influence on any personal positions in the Birth Horoscope that fall into either of these Zodiac Signs – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Ascendant or Midheaven.

Pluto is also positioned in Capricorn. It first moved into Capricorn in January 2008. It will move out of Capricorn in November 2024. Because Pluto has a cycle of 247 years through the Zodiac Signs, this is something any person living now has not experienced prior to 2008 and will not again experience when Pluto finally moves from Capricorn in 2024. It is a once in a lifetime experience, especially for those who have personal points in Capricorn in their Birth Horoscope – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant or Midheaven.

Pluto is very powerful and can be experienced as controlling. Pluto is the planet that breaks down a structure in life and then creates a new structure in its place. Pluto generates an occurrence of not having much choice. The Global Financial Crisis occurred in 2008 after Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn, as Pluto in Capricorn broke down the structure to the lack of proper boundaries being adhered to when it came to financial loans. This lack of boundaries with financial lending developed in the years Pluto travelled through Sagittarius – the sign of no boundaries, from early 1995 initially, becoming stronger when Pluto settled into Sagittarius from 1996 onwards.

Pluto is not unsuited to Capricorn as both have a serious tone to them, which can generate the need to follow a more practical path or suffer the consequences when Pluto gets to the stage of breaking down matters in life that have become unrealistic in present circumstances. The Zodiac Signs that will come under greatest pressure from Pluto in the whole time it takes to move through Capricorn are, first and foremost Capricorn as well as Aries, Cancer and Libra. This will have greatest influence on any personal positions in the Birth Horoscope that fall into either of these Zodiac Signs – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Ascendant or Midheaven. Pluto will be felt when it reaches the degree any of these positions hold.

Saturn & Pluto will come together in Capricorn in mid January 2020. I mention this now, rather than next year because of it occurring so early next year. It stands to reason that this combination will represent a huge reigning in of anything that has got out of control or where there has been over-extension. This is because Saturn puts boundaries in place and Pluto breaks down anything that needs to come to an end. Because both these planets are positioned in Capricorn, a serious and well-structured sign, it has much in common with the nature of both Saturn & Pluto and will not thwart them. Saturn and Pluto were together the last time in 1982 in Libra, 1947 in Leo, 1914-15 in Cancer. After this coming together in Capricorn, they will join up again in 2053 in Pisces. The Sun     Signs that will come under direct influence will be Capricorn’s born in mid January, Aries born in mid April, Cancer born in mid July and Libran’s born in mid October. Any other personal positions in any of these Zodiac Signs in the Horoscope, close to 22 degrees of that sign, being either the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant or Midheaven will come under direct influence.

This is why it is so important not to become overly optimistic or unrealistic with the Jupiter and Neptune connections particularly and the Saturn and Neptune contacts during 2019.

Uranus moved into Taurus on the 16th May 2018 until 7th November 2018. Then Uranus moved back into Aries for the last time in most of our lifetimes from 7th November 2018 until 6th March 2019. Because Uranus moved into Taurus for an initial 6 month period and then went back to Aries, where it has been for the last 7 years, it will generate circumstances where life heads in a new direction, but not entirely because there will be the need to go back and deal with something from the past before being able to move on. Once Uranus moves back into Taurus on the 6th March 2019 it will stay there until 2026.

The energy of Uranus is sudden, rebellious and rather unpredictable. While Uranus has been in Aries since 2010, a fire sign, the adventurous and fighting spirit of Aries has supported the freedom loving energies of Uranus, creating, at times, quite some volatility.   Taurus is an earth sign, which has a practical, down to earth nature and greatly concerned with security, both financial and emotional. This will not encourage the same sort of risk taking as has been, but rather rebelliousness towards those who might be putting general stability and security at risk.

Saturn, the serious planet in Capricorn, another earth sign, for the next 2 years, will be completely in sync and supportive of Uranus in Taurus during that time. This will generally engender a more practical rather than a risk taking view of circumstances as well as greater resourcefulness with money.

Uranus in Taurus will provide Capricorn particularly, with novel ways to work around any restrictions experienced from the influence of Saturn and Pluto. Virgo can take advantage of out of the ordinary opportunities, as well as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

It will be the fixed Zodiac Signs that will experience the most dramatic changes or challenges from Uranus moving through Taurus. This will be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, when any of the personal points or planets of the Personal Horoscope are positioned in these Zodiac Signs – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars, Ascendant or Midheaven.   The fixed Zodiac Signs do not have flexibility about them – they do not like change, nor do they seek to change things, once they are settled on a particular path. However, the one thing you can rely upon with Uranus is dramatic change away from what has been normal, for very often, a long period of time. Uranus has a way of turning things upside down. If, however, there has been a sense of being stuck in circumstances that have been difficult to alter, then this will no longer be the case, once Uranus gets to the stage of making direct contact to any personal point of the Horoscope. It will provide the opportunity to revolutionise the situation but to do so will very likely require a certain amount of rebellion if there is resistance from other quarters. People who are over 40 years of age will rebel in a more subtle manner, yet still with great determination. The younger any person is, the less subtle they will be about it. Whoever might feel the need to rebel will do so because they believe it will bring greater stability of some description to their life.

Mercury, the planet of communication has 3 retrograde (or backward) periods each year. During these times things tend to go awry as confusion reigns. These are not good times to make purchases unless it is to replace something that has broken down. Past issues come up for review, particularly for the Zodiac Sign in which these periods take place.

It is not the best time for travel as there can be all sorts of mix-ups. These times can be extremely favourable for finding lost things, for becoming aware of past mistakes and for getting money, which has been owed, paid back. They are also times when true perception is heightened. Contemplation of matters that have been a puzzle will bring to the surface of one’s mind, the true state of affairs.

Mercury will retrograde in the Water Zodiac Signs of Pisces and Scorpio in the first and third retrograde periods of 2019.   Water Signs need to get a feel for things. This can give mental clarity to feelings, if patience is observed. With Pisces, it pays to wait for things to surface and Scorpio might require consideration of what needs to be brought to an end. In the second period, Mercury will then split between the two Zodiac Signs of Cancer and Leo, being Water and Fire.   Because Fire Signs tend to act, rather than stop and think, these would be times where it is better to be conscious of waiting, no matter how difficult and contemplate what really needs to be dealt with rather than what appearances first seem to be. Also take into account any past component or similar past experiences and this can give the clue on what would be the best form of action to take.   Moving forward with decisions is best done once any of the retrograde periods are over.

                 1st Period – 6th March until 29th March 2019, in Pisces
                  2nd Period – 8th July until 1st August 2019, in Cancer & Leo
                    3rd Period – 1st November until 21st November 2019, in Scorpio
Following are my interpretations of what the 12 Zodiac Signs can expect during 2019. If you know your Ascendant, you should read that in combination with your Sun Sign.

The Ascendant is calculated with the time of birth. If you do not know your Ascendant and you do know the time of the day you were born, email or write (sending a self addressed stamped envelope) to:

ABC Plaza 7/60 North East Road
WALKERVILLE 5081 South Australia

I will calculate this for you free of charge.The information I require for this is your full birth date, the time of your birth and where you were born.

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ARIES:    (Born between 21st March & 20th April)
You enter a new 2-year cycle as the year begins and up to mid February. This is mixed with a final look at what has gone on in life since 2010 that has brought much change to you as a person. Your long-term goals can change significantly during 2019 and where you have not been under too much pressure with obligations that can become a different matter now. Your financial stability will become more of a focus during the next 7 years. There could be significant changes in the way in which you earn your money. If you are not satisfied with a present job you can feel driven to look for something else but be careful you don’t make change for change sake. From early March to mid May you need to take a good look at what you believe you want and gather as much information as possible. From mid May to early July you are in a good position to begin putting things in place or to decide what is important at the basis of things and how it would be best to proceed. You should be mindful of anything similar you have done in the past and any issues you may have encountered, so to avoid them now. Don’t rush otherwise you will need to spend time on sorting out details. From early October onwards be mindful of others expectations. You could gain recognition.

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TAURUS:  (Born between 21st April & 20th May)
There is something about life that will never be the same again. An inkling of what this is about is likely to have developed since your birthday last year, though this can be a long-term development over the next 7 years. Up to early March, you need to be focussed on what will be left behind and perhaps anything that needs to be wound up. The desire to move forward will become strong from mid February. You must take charge of things that matter to you personally up to early July. You are beginning a period in life where you will be able to achieve things that are important to you. To do this, you have to be realistic about the goals you set for the future. It is imperative that you are prepared to take responsibility for what you want and be prepared to work consistently towards it. Be very careful of situations this year that involve other people’s finances, especially if much is promised. It may not be real. This includes putting your finances into a situation with somebody else or a situation that offers a great return. Not that there will necessarily be an intention to take advantage of you but things may not work out as expected. This can also be the case with financial advice. You can see someone from a different angle from October to December.

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GEMINI:    (Born between 21st May & 20th June)
In the background of your life you will need to get used to a sense of an unknown element. This is something you first experienced between May and November 2018. It will be set in motion again from early March for the next 7 years. You need to be prepared at all times for the unexpected and for this reason you will not be as free to make changes as easily as you might have in the past. There will be a lot of activity involving you with others this year. It can certainly be busy if work or business involves you with the public in some way. When dealing with people in authority you need to be clear on your facts. If you are taking on commitments with others be sure you investigate carefully and understand clearly what is expected because the way they put it to you may not be the way it works out later. From April to mid August you need to focus on yourself and what you want to put in place for the next 2 years. From early June to late August you may need to review your finances. This is a good time to finalise any money owing to you. Don’t allow any sense of feeling sorry or guilty to stop you getting what is owed as others can be quite prepared to get whatever they can from the situation. Be realistic about commitments you both have and are able to handle.

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CANCER:    (Born between 21stJune & 22nd July)
Learning to deal with greater pressure or restrictions than you anticipated off and on since 2010 will now place you in a good position to be sure of what is important in life. There will be a lack of willingness on your part to sacrifice what have become significant priorities to you. Your first experience of this was from May to November 2018. This cycle will recommence in early March and remain in effect for 7 years. In this time there can be much change with friendships, both on a personal or work level. Those that cannot deal with your determination may fade away and new and interesting connections can develop. There is much you can accomplish this year in relation to a future vision you would like to develop. Consistent effort with detail will eventually enable a great deal of growth of any project. Even those of a less enthusiastic nature can be supportive if they see results developing. From mid May to October you will have plenty of energy to get on with things and to look at where you want to head in the next 2 years. You may need to rethink things during July but will be ready to move forward again by August. Finances could be part of the reason. You will be inclined to gain weight up to December so it would be wise to watch overindulgence all year.

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LEO:  (Born between 23rd July & 22nd August)
Either by choice or circumstance your view of the world has changed significantly since 2010. This may have encouraged you to learn more in some way even if it is only by tapping into available information. This will now generate a changed focus in the area of authority, commitment and responsibilities in life, which can include both personal and work. The initial experience of this was from mid May to November 2018. This will restart in early March and continue for 7 years. You will find any limitations placed on you in a work situation extremely frustrating and should avoid impulsive actions that may be to your detriment. Life can change dramatically because of new commitments, either on a personal or work level. You will have to adjust yourself to the limitations attached if you want the benefits that come with this. You will have an optimistic approach to most things this year and be willing to jump in enthusiastically. What you need to be mindful of is whether this can tie you up too tightly further down the track, mainly because it suits someone else’s needs more than your own. If this is the case you could feel you have become a slave to circumstance next year. You will be in a good position to decide how you should move forward from July onwards. Don’t be surprised if you change your mind during June and July about the best direction to take.

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VIRGO:  (Born between 23rd August & 22nd September)
From early March you can feel as though you have been set free in some way, especially from the unpredictable wants of others that you have had to deal with, one way or another since 2010. There was the initial experience of this release of boundaries between mid May and November 2018. This freedom will encourage you to take a different view of the world for the next 7 years. Part of this can be gaining more knowledge, which can often be associated with taking up study. Otherwise it could simply be that you will take greater interest in the differing opinions of people you come across directly or indirectly, in this day and age. You should experience an underlying feeling of enthusiasm with regard to anything you want to work on putting in place. The more information you gathered on this last year, the more confident you should now feel. A change of home, changes to the home, even additions to the family can be all part of the process. Be mindful of over-extending yourself, especially if you are encouraged to do so by someone else. Stick with your more realistic way of looking at things. You will have the energy to cope well from mid August onwards. This will be a good period to look at what you want to manage for the next 2 years.

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LIBRA:   (Born between 23rd September & 22nd October)
You can be challenged by either the actions or expectations of others to mid February. The time has come to stand firm with the way you want matters structured in your life after all the unpredictability you have had to deal with when it comes to others since 2010. This cycle will move on from early March into a new situation for the next 7 years. This will not entirely negate the unpredictability of others though – they can become more secretive with any form of rebellion and this can be more difficult to cope with, as you may only become aware of it as it erupts. You need to think about yourself and how you want to occupy your mind. If you feel you want more time to relax, these are decisions you will need to be firm about. This is an excellent year for you to travel, more especially for short periods of time. The change of scenery will do you the world of good. Any adjustments that have taken place within the family or home situation over the last year should settle into a better routine that gives you a sense of greater management. Even so, you need to be mindful of not allowing yourself to become distracted and falling into the trap of taking care of details that are not your responsibility. From October you start a new 2-year cycle – act to ensure it is one you want.

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SCORPIO:   (Born between 23rd October & 21st November)
New directions that took shape in your life during 2018 will lead onto much change involving other people. This will be different to anything that has happened in your life before. Some inklings of what it might be about could have come up from May to November 2018. This will restart from early March and remain in effect for the next 7 years. During this time some very interesting people can come into your life. However, you might also have to deal with rather challenging situations or rebellion from others that will test your resolve over certain matters. Be mindful of what seems important to other people between mid February and mid May – it could be a clue to what you may need to confront later. This year provides the opportunity to do well financially. This can be favourable for increasing your income as well as a change of job for the better. There can also be a tendency to overcommit in some way financially, through being overly optimistic. You have very down to earth influences in the area of gathering information and decision making, which you should utilise to carefully consider all the facts before jumping in.   From the end of October to early December you need to focus on yourself and what is important personally. Change your mind on things if necessary.

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SAGITTARIUS:  (Born between 22nd November & 21st December)
This year has a lot of promise for you with Jupiter, your ruling planet, in your sign until the 3rd December. Jupiter is expansive and this will be a huge support in opening up any situation that means a lot to you on a personal level. You will be able to get the attention you want. Effort will be required to finally put something in place that has been a dream of yours since 2011. There can be a temptation to take on too much or make this bigger than what could easily be managed. You might also feel that if you don’t take on everything that comes your way, opportunity may be lost. This is not the case as from early March and for the following 7 years you will be able to apply yourself very effectively to work in a unique way with the finer details of anything you create. There was a taste of this from mid May to November 2018. This will require dedication with perhaps less time spent on the more social side of life. You will also need to take care of your health, which might simply mean developing better routine with both diet and exercise. Start with this straight away, as you will be inclined to gain weight easily this year. Mid February to mid April is a good time for you to review your dreams, to look at what is realistic especially when it comes to the financial side.

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CAPRICORN:   (Born between 22nd December & 19th January)
With Saturn, your ruling planet, still in your own sign for the next 2 years, you are provided the opportunity to focus seriously on yourself and where you want things to head in the long term. A strong part of this is the responsibilities you either need to take on, want to take on or how you should teach others to take on their own, rather than you doing it for them. From early March and for the following 7 years you will have the opportunity to generate greater leisure, pleasure and social enjoyment in life, than you have before. This will be a welcome change to the more serious side of life that you so often find you need to deal with, though you will no doubt have to find a way of combining the two. There are reflective influences operating for the year that will encourage you to find some quiet time to yourself so that you can focus on how the past has changed you and the way you want to move forward in the future with the knowledge you have gained. Don’t discard imagination – this very often opens the way in your mind to what is possible. Spending time on investigating all sorts of ideas and gathering information can be a valuable process. Of all the Zodiac Signs, you are best placed this year to be able to then take well-ordered steps towards fulfilment of dreams.

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AQUARIUS:  (Born between 20th January & 18th February)
In early March you will finish what has been 21 years of dramatic change one way or another to you personally. Some of it would have certainly been a real roller coast ride in which you either did rebel or felt as though you wanted to. No doubt you have learned to deal with situations that have not taken the predictable path. All of this was meant to teach you about yourself and what is important on an individual level. From March you will enter a 7-year cycle, which did have a minor start between mid May and November 2018 that will place you in a position to decide the best structure you need to put in place for the future. There is no real rush with this over the next 2 years because it may take this time to wind up matters that need to be finalised. Finances can play a big role this year. It would be wise to proceed cautiously and certainly not commit yourself to anything that could prove difficult to cope with in the future. If there is any unfinished business on the financial side, you should look into this between mid February and mid April with the intention of sorting it out. There will be the opportunity to enjoy the company of others this year, particularly in situations involving you with a group of people. The right people can come along at the right time to help you out.

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PISCES:  (Born between 19th February & 20th March)
As the year begins you have just completed the beginning of a new 2-year cycle that began in mid November 2018. Look at any increased responsibilities or obligations that either arose in that time or were suggested, as you need to be realistic about what you can manage. This whole year can see you with more to manage and if this were something you have been aiming towards, well and good but if not, it would be best deal with it early on. From mid February to mid April you need to focus your mind on yourself and your own affairs. You could change your mind about something. You need to take a serious approach to important priorities. You have the opportunity to tune into what can be realistically accomplished. This will only become evident if you approach this from a practical standpoint to begin with that takes into account the level of commitment required of you to bring things about. From March onwards you enter a 7-year cycle that can bring much exciting change to life on a daily basis. There was a taste of this between mid May and November 2018. There can be many distractions that will take you off track and this is why it is so important to look at what you really want now, in a practical way, so that you will readily recognise situations that will take off track, giving you the ability to avoid them at the time.

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