The Year Ahead 2020


As The Year Ahead 2020 begins, Jupiter is positioned in Capricorn, where it has been since 3rd December 2019 and will remain until 19th December 2020, when Jupiter will move into Aquarius. Jupiter has a cycle of about 12 years, creating a situation where Jupiter spends around a year in each Zodiac Sign. This means it has been 12 years since Jupiter was last in Capricorn.

Jupiter is the planet that most contributes to the change of energy injected into our lives each the year. Jupiter is a planet of expansion but in Capricorn, Jupiter is positioned in its Fall, which has the effect of lowering the level. As Jupiter is associated with being boundless, thus allowing for expansion and Capricorn is a Zodiac Sign of boundaries, this will in itself place limits upon Jupiter, combined with the Fall position of lowering the levels. Jupiter in Capricorn will encourage a more serious and practical approach to matters whereas last year, while in Sagittarius, its own sign, it had greater freedom to try things out rather than remaining within known territory. Capricorn is a conservative, prudent, cautious, patient and mature Zodiac Sign – nothing happens in a hurry with Capricorn. A high ethical standard is Jupiter’s best quality. So if this can be combined with the qualities of Capricorn, there is really no limit to what can be accomplished but it will require working from the bottom up.

Jupiter in Capricorn will have some links ups to Neptune in Pisces again this year but of a different nature because of Jupiter’s position in Capricorn. These two planets are quite compatible to one another, as they share the common theme of lacking boundaries. However the connection between them will be one that is more opportunity based rather than action based. This means the opportunity to perhaps feel less restricted, which could also mean taking some risks, could present themselves. What needs to be borne in mind is that Jupiter in serious Capricorn can result in severe loss in any situation that is being viewed in an unrealistic manner or proceeded with without proper due process having been put in place that Capricorn will demand.

Neptune is the planet of water, positioned in the water Zodiac Sign of Pisces and these connections to Jupiter, can bring increases of moisture, rain and snow. Hopefully this will occur where it is badly needed but flooding somewhere in the world is certainly a strong possibility.   These periods will occur 3 times during the year – in mid February, late July and mid October 2020.

Jupiter in Capricorn will come together with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is very powerful and can be experienced as controlling. Pluto is the planet that breaks down a structure in life and then creates a new structure in its place. Pluto has a way of making it quite plain that there is not much choice in the matter.

Pluto is not unsuited to Capricorn as both have a serious tone to them, which can generate the need to follow a more practical path, or suffer the consequences, when Pluto gets to the stage of breaking down matters in life that have become unrealistic in present circumstances.

These two planets have never come together in Capricorn in any of our lifetimes, nor will again, due to the 247 years it takes Pluto to travel through the 12 Zodiac Signs. This coming together of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn will certainly bring serious consequences to anything unrealistic that one might be tempted to venture with the connection between Jupiter and Neptune (as mentioned previously). If practicality and diligence is maintained as Capricorn demands, then this combination of Jupiter and Pluto can bring tremendous success but not without a lot of hard work. These periods will occur 3 times during the year – early April, late June, early July and mid November 2020.

Saturn the planet of seriousness and responsibility moved into Capricorn, its own Zodiac Sign, on the 20th December 2017, where it will remain initially until 22nd March 2020. Saturn has, in round terms, a 30-year cycle. This means that the last time Saturn was in Capricorn was 30 years ago –1988 through to February 1991. Looking back at events that took place during that period of time can bring enlightenment as to the type of things that might need to be dealt with, though with 30 years life experience, they can be dealt with quite differently this time!! Saturn will move back into Capricorn for the final time for another 30 years, from 2nd July until 17th December 2020. This is the time to wrap things up.

Saturn in Capricorn demands and will bring an overall practical, down to earth approach to matters in life, which could also establish a tendency to leave more idealistic ideas behind. It will encourage dealing with the reality of any situation. Once that attitude is taken, problems can be solved. This is a large part of the Capricorn nature. Capricorn Sun Sign’s will certainly have major turning points take place in their lives over the 3-year period Saturn moves through Capricorn. But so will those with personal points in Capricorn – the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Ascendant or the Midheaven in their Personal Horoscope. For those under 30 years of age this could be their first significant experience responsibility.

Saturn will move into Aquarius for a short period of time – from 22nd March until 2nd July 2020. This will strongly affect those born in the first 2 days of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, though all people of these signs will sense a change is on its way. Because Saturn will only be in Aquarius momentarily in 2020, nothing should be looked upon, as final but an idea of further developments to come from 2021 onwards could certainly be the case. Because Saturn moves from Capricorn to Aquarius and then back to Capricorn, it will change position in every person’s Horoscope and focus on two different areas of life – this can bring a general state of restlessness to the year.

Saturn & Pluto will come together in Capricorn on 13th January 2020. It stands to reason that this combination will represent a huge reigning in of anything that has got out of control or where there has been over-extension. This is because Saturn puts boundaries in place and Pluto breaks down anything that needs to come to an end. Because both these planets are positioned in Capricorn, a serious and well-structured sign, it has much in common with the nature of both Saturn & Pluto and will not thwart them. Saturn and Pluto came together the last time in 1982 in Libra, 1947 in Leo, 1914-15 in Cancer. After this coming together in Capricorn, they will join up again in 2053 in Pisces. The Sun     Signs that will come under direct influence will be Capricorn’s born in mid January, Aries born in mid April, Cancer born in mid July and Libran’s born in mid October.

Any other personal positions in any of these Zodiac Signs in the Horoscope, close to 22 degrees of that sign, being either the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant or Midheaven will come under direct influence.

As this coming together of Saturn and Pluto will only occur only once, it means there will not be an ongoing repeating of the link, generating more events. This is a good thing, particularly if it is dramatic. However because both Saturn and Pluto are slow moving planets, it may take time, persistence and patience to sort out anything they do generate. The Sun and Mercury will also be close to Saturn and Pluto on the day. When a number of planets are together at any time, it results in significant movements on share markets. It will be interesting to see whether this will be a super big movement.

I think this link will have a lot to do with Governments, which are ruled by Saturn, reigning in and placing boundaries (Saturn & Capricon) on the huge control (ruled by Pluto) that both Facebook and Google command. Saturn moving into Aquarius, which is a communication based Zodiac Sign and one associated with modern day technology – the internet – could begin to put some boundaries in place, as Saturn does. Facebook was launched during Aquarius in 2004, so has not yet experienced the influence of Saturn’s direct authority to its Sun Sign, though it has been under some pressure from Saturn to its own Saturn since Saturn has been travelling through Capricorn, so pressure has been building up. Google was launched when the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus were all in Aquarius, so these planets in their Horoscope will come under Saturn’s direct influence for the first time once it settles in and moves through Aquarius from December 2020 until March 2023.

The combination of Saturn and Pluto can also place a great deal more attention on Governments (Saturn), which are a dictatorship (Pluto).

On lighter note – Venus will spend an extra long period in Gemini, from 4th April until 8th August 2020. This is due to Venus turning retrograde, which happens every 2 years. Gemini is a busy, interactive, full of interesting ideas Zodiac Sign that can generate a lot of fun and change. Venus is the planet of relationships and general contact between people.

It is not wise to place too many expectations on any new relationships that come along in this period – they may be fun but prove to be very changeable and unreliable in the long term. Venus will turn retrograde from 13th May until 25th June 2020. This can result in a turnaround with anything that began earlier. It could also be when situations repeat from the past or people from the past re-appear. Once Venus moves forward again from 25th June, matters can take a less changeable path.

Following is how each Zodiac Sign can be affected by Venus in Gemini – read your Sun Sign and Ascendant.

Aries: There won’t be enough hours in the day, lots of running around & communication.

Taurus: Money can slip through your fingers especially in circumstances out of the ordinary.

Gemini: You will love this time, as you can get involved in all the things you enjoy most.

Cancer: Your energy will be drained by too much activity – be sure you rest & keep well.

Leo: Involvement with groups of people will be interesting – much contact with friends.

Virgo: Be careful when it comes to changing responsibilities – take on what you will enjoy.

Libra: A wonderful time to travel or to make plans for later – weighing up future changes.

Scorpio: Don’t leave financial decisions to others – unpredictable behaviour from others.

Sagittarius: Fun times to be had with others – don’t take any promises too seriously.

Capricorn: Others can be a mystery – be careful of doing too much in an effort to please.

Aquarius: You can have a lot of fun as well as become attracted to a new creative activity.

Pisces: Enjoy creating a new look at home – family relationships could be up and down.

Mars will also spend an extra long period of time in Aries, its own Zodiac Sign, from the 28th June 2020 until 7th January 2021. This is due to turning retrograde, which happens every 2 years. This will encourage new beginnings but not necessarily the patience to carefully look into all the details attached.

This period that Mars is in Aries loosely corresponds with Saturn being back in Capricorn for its final stay from 2nd July until 17th December 2020. Mars and Saturn in these positions will have a pressured connection that could certainly bring some harsh lessons if anything is too quickly rushed, through the energy of Mars, without proper regard for details or responsibilities that Saturn will demand. Saturn, more or less, will require that past matters be properly cleared before attempting to move in new directions.

Mars will turn retrograde from 10th September until 14th November 2020. This can produce many frustrations because of standstills, hold ups and turnarounds that can drive tempers to boiling point with Mars in Aries. Successful forward movement can be relied upon from 14th November 2020 when Mars moves forward.

Following is how each Zodiac Sign can be affected by Mars in Aries – read your Sun Sign and Ascendant.

Aries: With care & caution, you can set yourself on a new path of great future benefit.

Taurus: Lack of clarity will require patience & contemplation to set stable future goals.

Gemini: Don’t presume with friends or groups of people – hidden agendas exist.

Cancer: Carefully consider extra responsibility – be sure it benefits you, not just others.

Leo: Exciting new goals or study will demand proper attention to detail for success.

Virgo: Don’t let self centred expectations of others interfere with your own pleasures.

Libra: Significant interactions with others can lay some solid, reliable foundations.

Scorpio: Be sure you get the right information so you are well prepared with details.

Sagittarius: Do not make financial commitments without looking at the risks involved.

Capricorn: There can be greater stability in being certain on what can be planned in life.

Aquarius: You need to be well informed and rid yourself of unnecessary future burdens.

Pisces: Finances can heavily influence what needs to be important priorities in life.

Mercury, the planet of communication has 3 retrograde (or backward) periods each year. During these times things tend to go awry as confusion reigns. These are not good times to make purchases unless it is to replace something that has broken down. Past issues come up for review, particularly for the Zodiac Sign in which these periods take place.

It is not the best time for travel as there can be all sorts of mix-ups. These times can be extremely favourable for finding lost things, for becoming aware of past mistakes and for getting money, which has been owed, paid back. They are also times when true perception is heightened. Contemplation of matters that have been a puzzle will bring to the surface of one’s mind, the true state of affairs.

Mercury retrograde will split between the two Zodiac Signs of Aquarius and Pisces, being Air and Water in the first period of 2020 and then split between Libra and Scorpio in the third period.

The Air Signs think about matters and set out to take a logical approach, which quite suits Mercury. The Water Signs need to get a feel for things. Aquarius can encourage changing the status quo but with Pisces and Mercury’s position in Pisces not being strong, this can lead to uncertainty in the first period. Much of this can be generated through a sense of feeling invisible.

In the third period with Libra it would be wise to pay attention to the position someone else is taking, as with Scorpio also involved, it is possible something needs to come to an end or go through some sort of finality.

The second period occurs only in the Water Sign of Cancer, so should be more straightforward. The main focus will be on security, especially if something comes up from the past that threatens it.   Moving forward with decisions is best done once any of the retrograde periods are over.

1st Period – 17th February until 10th March 2020, in Aquarius & Pisces
2nd Period – 18th June until 12th July 2020, in Cancer
3rd Period – 14th October until 4th November, in Libra & Scorpio
Following are my interpretations of what the 12 Zodiac Signs can expect during 2020. If you know your Ascendant, you should read that in combination with your Sun Sign. The Ascendant is calculated with the time of birth. If you do not know your Ascendant and you do know the time of the day you were born, email or write (sending a self addressed stamped envelope) to:

ABC Plaza 7/60 North East Road WALKERVILLE 5081 South Australia
I will calculate this for you free of charge. The information I require for this is your full birth date, the time of your birth and where you were born.

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ARIES: (Born between 21st March & 20th April)
From January to mid February you should look over what you learnt from last year and other goals you may have considered as a result. Responsibilities and commitments will be a strong theme for this year – this can include promotions, if that is what you have been aiming towards. What you will have to watch is that they don’t overwhelm you and take over other things in life. From mid January to early March you need to focus on what should be your main priorities. It is very likely that some things that have been part of life will need to be dropped in order to manage effectively. Not that this necessarily needs to happen immediately but it would be wise to prepare yourself to perhaps go down that path from mid May to late June. What could precipitate this is a very busy period that begins from early April and goes through to early August. There should be much about this that you can enjoy and it may make you realise these things are necessary for a proper balance in life. Mars, your ruling planet will spend an especially long period of time in your sign from late June to January 2021. This is out of the ordinary. You are meant to focus on being responsible to yourself while managing what you consider are important commitments you must embrace.
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TAURUS: (Born between 21st April & 20th May)
There is no need to move in a hurry when it comes to any completely different situations you are likely to be dealing with in life. A sense of being able to get matters under better control can stimulate hopefulness even though you could be aware that there will be things to learn. It is best to take an optimistic approach to your wishes but you will realise that in the end it is practicality that brings stable results. Don’t be too quick to take on obligations during April to mid May, especially if this alters your finances in some way. While it might seem the right thing to do or the only choice you have, there will be too many factors that are not clear. If you are not careful, it could result in losing security in some way. During June up to early August is most favourable for you to seek out information related to anything you would like to put into place in the longer term. You will need to take into account the sort of commitments you would need to make. From late June through to early January 2021 it will be difficult to progress as much as you might like. Blockages or restrictions could seemingly stand in the way of moving forward with your goals. It is meant to be this way so that you spend time thoroughly contemplating all the options, so you are ready to move in 2021.

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GEMINI: (Born between 21st May & 20th June)
Venus, the planet of relationships, leisure, pleasure, social activity as well as peace and harmony will move into your sign for an unusually long stay from early April to early August. This will likely be a very enjoyable period for you unless you have a relationship that has stimulated some doubts beforehand. You have been under a lot of pressure, especially in the last 2 years from the expectations others have of you. It has likely seemed selfish to you, amongst other difficulties, mainly because the reasons are not exactly clear. This could subside to some degree from late March to early July, giving you the opportunity to see that other future goals are possible. However the pressure will return from early July through the rest of the year, though this time with another influence that will encourage you to focus on what is important to you in life. This will challenge what others expect of you and you need to be prepared to fight for what you believe is right so that you can go into 2021 free to pursue your goals. Venus in your sign from earlier in the year will provide you with plenty of time to focus on what will give you greatest pleasure from life so that you find peace. Make sure you put some time aside to utilise Venus this way, amongst the many social activities.
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CANCER: (Born between 21stJune & 22nd July)
Dealing with others has been a strong part of your life for the last couple of years. This has likely meant learning to gain their respect or teaching them to respect you, even a combination of the two. It could have been hard work last year because of not knowing exactly where you stood. Not so, this year. The skills you have developed over the last 17 years can now stand you in good stead, especially if you have been diligent. You will be recognised or appreciated for your capabilities. This is an excellent year to form connections both on a personal or work level that can be beneficial for many years to come. They may be slow to start but will expand as time goes on. People could be a bit tricky from early April to early August. This may not be evident to begin with but by late May you could start to realise something isn’t exactly as you had either presumed or as it is being presented. Your tuning in skills will be highly activated from late May to early August, so if you focus properly, the right answers will come. Your accomplishments can be enormous from early July for the rest of the year. It will be up to you to maintain control over the responsibilities you take on because others will gladly saddle you up if you are not careful. Be sure they do their share.
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LEO: (Born between 23rd July & 22nd August)
The focus on being properly organised and getting rid of things that no longer serve a useful purpose will continue to linger. You could find yourself suddenly motivated to act on this from mid February to late March. You have had the opportunity to hone your skills quite considerably in the last couple of years, either out of the gaze of others or with little recognition of what you have been doing. This will change momentarily from late March to early July as you gain more attention from others. You can also recognise, in this short time, areas you need to get better organised, if you are to cope well with moving out of obscurity into the light from 2021. Fortunately from late June to mid December you can get back on the job of getting details in order while at the same time view the possible future directions you can take. From early April to early August there can be some very pleasant distractions involving you with friends or groups of people. It is possible that some new and interesting people could come into your life as well. This could include people who might be in a position to be helpful in the long term, though that would not be obvious immediately. Weight gain is a strong possibility this year so be careful of overindulgence and keep up exercising!

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VIRGO: (Born between 23rd August & 22nd September)
Based on whatever you feel has been successfully been put into place during the last year, you could have the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself a little more this year. If there are any final pieces to put into place, up to late March would be the time to do it. There hasn’t been much opportunity in the last couple of years to throw caution to the wind and simply relax, as a more serious approach has been required. Because you tend to be realistic about life, it would not have bothered you as it would others. Even now you would quite happily plod along but someone else will encourage you to embrace the pleasurable side of life a little more. From early April to early August something you have come to rely on could be all over the place, requiring you to reflect upon, not only your own commitments in the situation, but also what you might expect from others. At the same time you could get an inkling of the effort that will be required from 2021 to keep things or order as well as how you could be overloaded with obligations. From early July to the end of the year you will need to pay close attention to the expectations others have of you. It will take practical creativity on your part to ensure you do not become a slave to what others expect from you.

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LIBRA: (Born between 23rd September & 22nd October)
The last 2 years have been especially important when it comes to what you have accepted in your life, particularly from family but not necessarily just them. It has been a strong foundation laying period that can have major consequences on how your life will proceed long term. You now need to honestly look at whether you have accepted responsibilities through a sense of obligation that perhaps have not been fully appreciated. During this year you need to focus on any situation in which you would like to experience more freedom, less pressure or be shown more appreciation. Something completely out of the ordinary can appeal to you from early April through to early August. If you do any travel in this time it should be very enjoyable but also make you feel as though you never want to come back. Whatever you do, it is a time to weigh up what would make you happy in the future. From late June to the end of the year others can apply a great deal of pressure with little concern shown to you. From early September to mid November you need to put your mind on yourself and be prepared to make some decisions that suit you first. This may not be the first time in your life that this has been necessary. If it isn’t, then you know what you need to do.

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SCORPIO: (Born between 23rd October & 21st November)
This year you are in the final stages of a 7 year cycle that has been testing, challenging and maturing you on a personal level. This started in October 2012. The next stage will begin momentarily this year between late March and early July when it will be necessary to get serious about the foundation you need to put down in your life as a solid basis for long term future progress. This will begin in earnest in 2021. Unexpected changes projected into your life through the unpredictable actions or desires of other people can be a new experience you have had to deal with since last year. Somebody else, from early April to early August, could generate or suggest something quite exciting. This could be unreliable so it would not be wise to place too much importance on it. By all means, go with the flow at the time, as long as it does not disrupt finances or security in any way. It will not be difficult to come up with ideas on what your next steps should be. From late June to mid December you have a wonderful opportunity to hone your ideas into something that would be workable. You will probably find your initial plans are more expansive than would be realistic when it comes to coping on a daily basis. You, of all people, have the skills to get things properly organised.

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SAGITTARIUS: (Born between 22nd November & 21st December)
You started a new 12 year cycle last year and this year begins with a new 2 year cycle that is in effect until mid February. In this time, it would be wise to look over what you accomplished last year, anything new that took shape and decide where you would like to see it all head over the next 2 years. Your finances, work or both, come into focus this year. Being able to increase your income is a strong possibility. If you would like to change your job, this is the year to pursue it. There will be plenty of interaction with other people from early April through to early August. This can be most enjoyable as well as mentally stimulating. Any new relationships that enter life at this time could have many promises attached but carry through could be extremely doubtful. From late June to mid December you should not be tempted to take risks that could affect your financial stability. Nor should you rush into any long-term financial commitments. You will have a tendency to take a narrow view when it comes to what you want, which can eclipse the ongoing restrictions that will more than likely apply in the long term. In this same period, focussed effort applied creatively, could eventually reap financial rewards. This must not require any significant financial outlay on your part.

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CAPRICORN: (Born between 22nd December & 19th January)
You began a new 30 year personal cycle in December 2017. This year will mark the final year of the very first stage of that cycle that has required a degree of seriousness as to what is important at a personal level. Last year gave you plenty of time to contemplate, as circumstances probably didn’t move forward at the pace you either expected or would have preferred. This year you have a new 12 year cycle beginning. This should generate more optimism, though in typical Capricorn fashion you will not be inclined to presume too much. Wait and see is always a good approach. From mid February you begin a new 2 year cycle as well. This will lift your energy level and encourage you to focus and take action on all the things you need to do, up to late June especially. From early April to early August, daily routines can be interrupted with social activity. You might need to be selective here so that valuable time is not wasted. From late June to mid December you will need to focus on what needs to be put in place so that you have a stable footing to work from. This can include home and family. You may be dealing with situations that had not been part of your plans previously. Be mindful of any obligations you take on, as they will be there for a long time.

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AQUARIUS: (Born between 20th January & 18th February)
You will begin a new 30 year cycle momentarily this year. This will occur from 22nd March until 2nd July. It will give you a short window of opportunity to begin looking at any big changes you feel the time is coming to make. From 31st March, you begin a new 2 year personal cycle. This will lift your energy level as well as your self-confidence. The initial stage of this new 2 year cycle will be operating for an unusually long period of time – right up until 7th January 2021. This will be a welcome break to the sense of feeling held back that has been operating for the last 2 years and will continue to play out this year. Another welcome break will be from early April until early August when leisure, pleasure and social activity can come to the fore quite unexpectedly. If you would like to take a holiday, this would be the time to do just that. Some interesting relationships could also come along but relying on promises made, might be another thing. Best to just take things as they come. From late June to mid December you could feel compelled to make some serious decisions. This is a good time to enter into discussions, gather information but it would be wise to leave any decision making from early December onwards, especially when it comes to endings.

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PISCES: (Born between 19th February & 20th March)
Your focus will intensify in relation to what is most important in life. It has been something that has engaged your attention for the last 2 years. At the same time you have probably been taken through the process of looking at what has worked and anything that did not get to a point you had hoped for. In part this could have been due to not really wanting to deal with the pressures that would have been associated with certain outcomes. There could be changes with friendships or situations that involve you with a group of people. Those who place any sort of regulated expectations upon you won’t interest you in the least. It has to be you who decide on the commitments you are prepared to make. This could be a good year for you to join a group, especially if there is something you would like to learn. From early April through to early August you could feel it is time to give your place of living a whole new look. Being able to entertain more at home could be part of the reasoning. Having the energy and motivation to get stuck into it will more likely take shape from mid May, when you begin a new 2 year personal cycle. From late June to mid December you need to be mindful of keeping your spending within limits of affordability, as impulse can generate difficulties.

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