The Year Ahead 2018


As The Year Ahead 2018 begins, Jupiter is positioned in Scorpio, where it has been since 10th October 2017 and will remain until 8th November 2018. Jupiter has a cycle of about 12 years, creating a situation where Jupiter spends around a year in each Zodiac Sign. This means it has been 12 years since Jupiter was last in Scorpio. Jupiter is the planet that most contributes the change of energy injected into our lives each the year. Jupiter is expansive and optimistic. Jupiter in Scorpio will generate a more serious, rather than optimistic tone. Scorpio is associated with being very matter of fact, which often lacks the nicety that we have been experiencing while Jupiter was in Libra last year, so a few noses might be put out of joint rather easily. Jupiter in Scorpio will encourage definite focus on any matter or situation that either needs to come to an end or have a good clean out in some way because of seemingly getting too much out of hand or excessive. This will be strongly encouraged when Jupiter makes contacts to Pluto during January, April and October. This is an easy going contact, so will not have a sense of force attached to it but rather provide the opportunity to take these actions.

With Scorpio being a water sign and Jupiter being the planet of plenty, Jupiter’s time spent in Scorpio is likely to produce a lot more moisture in the way of rain or snow.   Jupiter will link up with Neptune, the water planet in Pisces, another water sign. The times of these links will generate increased moisture – this will be in May and August. The water signs are creative and psychic. This can engender greater interest in these areas and those who hanker to develop themselves more along these lines will likely find ways of doing so. Any creative interests that have been let go over the years can be taken up again, perhaps as a means of relaxation. When it comes to psychic senses or development, keeping an open mind without presumption is imperative. Scorpio can often produce a fixed notion of some description to begin with and then Jupiter’s connection to Neptune in Pisces can allow imagination to run riot. If answers are sought without presumption, this combination of Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces can bring the right information to the surface from the depths, with incredible accuracy.

Jupiter in Scorpio in 2018 will generate much transformation to the year. 2018 will be a year of big change, due to two slow moving planets – Saturn and Uranus changing Zodiac Signs. This will focus every single person on new areas of their life.

Jupiter will move into Sagittarius, it own sign, on the 8th November 2018, where it will remain until the 3rd December 2019. It will certainly be comfortable, being in a Zodiac Sign that it rules. This will enable Jupiter to become its optimistic self but also produce restlessness. This will have more influence on the year 2019.

Saturn the planet of seriousness and responsibility moved into Capricorn, it own Zodiac Sign, on the 20th December 2017, where it will remain until 17th December 2020. Saturn is the planet that puts boundaries into place – it is Jupiter’s balancing partner because Jupiter lacks boundaries. Saturn has, in round terms, a 30-year cycle. This means that the last time Saturn was in Capricorn was 30 years ago – the actual time frame being from 1988, when it was in and out all year but settled in Capricorn during all of 1989 and 1990 through to February 1991. Looking back at events that took place during that period of time can bring enlightenment as to the type of things that might need to be dealt with, though with 30 years life experience, they can be dealt with quite differently this time!!

Saturn in Capricorn demands and will bring an overall practical, down to earth approach to matters in life, which could also establish a tendency to leave more idealistic ideas behind. It will encourage dealing with the reality of any situation. Once that attitude is taken, problems can be solved. This is a large part of the Capricorn nature. Capricorn Sun Sign’s will certainly have major turning points take place in their lives over the 3-year period Saturn moves through Capricorn. But so will those with a Capricorn Ascendant, The Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Capricorn, Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Capricorn in their Personal Horoscope.

Jupiter in Scorpio (Saturn’s partner) has a connection that generates favourable reactions from Saturn in Capricorn. Both planets are in serious Zodiac Signs that can have this overall tone of making people realise it is time to perhaps pay greater attention and become more serious about life and what is most important. This can include frivolities or experiments that need to be put to one side. The natural expansiveness of Jupiter could seem much less so as it operates more by increasing cut backs in Scorpio, rather than increasing excesses. Practical Saturn in Capricorn will encourage and support this.

Uranus will be moving from Aries, where it has been since 2010 and going into Taurus during 2018. Uranus takes 84 years to move through the 12 Zodiac Signs. This means a person needs to live to 84 years of age to experience Uranus returning to the birth position after it has travelled through their entire Horoscope. Uranus spends 7 years in each Zodiac Sign and because it will be changing over to Taurus, it will mark the beginning of a new 7 year cycle in people’s life, in a different area of their life, to the last 7 years.

Uranus will change over to Taurus on the 16th May 2018 until 7th November 2018. Then Uranus will move back into Aries for the last time in most of our lifetimes from 7th November 2018 until 6th March 2019. Because Uranus will move into Taurus for an initial 6 month period and then go back to Aries, where it has been for the last 7 years, it will generate circumstances where life heads in a new direction, but not entirely because there will be the need to go back and deal with something from the past before being able to move on. Then when Uranus moves back into Taurus on the 6th March 2019 it will stay there until 2026.

The energy of Uranus is sudden, rebellious and rather unpredictable. While Uranus has been in Aries, a fire sign, the adventurous and fighting spirit of Aries has supported the freedom loving energies of Uranus, creating at times quite some volatility. Hitler was on the rise last time Uranus was in Aries and this time it has been ISIS. Taurus is an earth sign, which has a practical, down to earth nature and greatly concerned with security, both financial and emotional. This will not encourage the same sort of risk taking as has been, but rather rebelliousness towards those who might be putting general stability and security at risk.

Saturn, the serious planet in Capricorn, another earth sign, for the next 3 years, will be completely in sync and supportive of Uranus in Taurus during that time. This will generally engender a more practical rather than a risk taking view of circumstances as well as greater resourcefulness with money.

It will be the fixed Zodiac Signs that will experience the most dramatic changes or challenges from Uranus moving through Taurus. This will be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, when any of the personal points or planets of the Personal Horoscope are positioned in these Zodiac Signs. This will be a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius Sun Sign. As well if the Ascendant is positioned in any of these fixed Zodiac Signs, or The Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars.   The fixed Zodiac Signs do not have flexibility about them – they do not like change, nor do they seek to change things, once they are settled on a particular path. However, the one thing you can rely upon with Uranus is dramatic change away from what has been normal, for very often, a long period of time. Uranus has a way of turning things upside down. If, however, there has been a sense of being stuck in circumstances that have been difficult to alter, then this will no longer be the case, once Uranus gets to the stage of making direct contact to any personal point of the Horoscope. It will provide to opportunity to revolutionise the situation but to do so will very likely require a certain amount of rebellion if there is resistance from other quarters. People who are over 40 years of age will rebel in a more subtle manner, yet still with great determination. The younger any person is, the less subtle they will be about it. Whoever might feel the need to rebel will do so because they believe it will bring greater stability of some description to their life.

Mars is the planet of action and activity. Itgenerally changes from one Zodiac Sign to another every 6 weeks or so and keeps matters moving from one stage to the next. This year Mars will retrograde, or move in a backward motion to us here on earth. This means Mars will maintain focus on a very limited area of our lives for a period of 8 months instead of 6 weeks and this becomes rather frustrating eventually. Mars will spend these 8 months in both Capricorn and Aquarius from 18th March until 16th November 2018. In this time it will have 2 separate periods in both Capricorn and Aquarius. Mars will retrograde from 27th June until 28th August 2018. This will be the time that frustrations will rise. Mars will begin this retrograde period in Aquarius and then pass backwards into Capricorn, where it will finish being retrograde and move forward again, allowing matters to go ahead.

Mars will move into Capricorn for the first time from 18th March until 16th May. It will join Saturn, which has not long been in Capricorn. This is a potent combination having these two planets in Capricorn together as Saturn rules Capricorn and Mars is in the excellent position of exaltation in Capricorn. This combination can only occur twice, 2 years apart, once every 30 years. It will occur again in 2020, though Mars will not have the same extended period in Capricorn then as it will this year, which makes this connection in 2018 more significant. A planet in exaltation, as Mars is in Capricorn, is able to take matters to great heights, though over-extending oneself needs to be watched. If matters are looked into thoroughly and approached seriously with an intention of being fully committed before action is taken through Saturn, then Mars will assist greatly with the energy that needs to be applied as well as the self-confidence to do so and move things forward. Because Mars will move onto Aquarius and then come back to Capricorn for the second time between the 13th August and 11th September 2018 do not expect all to be completed during the first period Mars is in Capricorn. When Mars returns for the second time it can bring realisation of points that need to be included for best results, as well as completion of what began in the first period.

Mars will move into Aquarius for the first time from 16th May until 13th August 2018. Aquarius is a Zodiac Sign that tends to have a mind of its own in a logical sort of a way. Logical, because it is an air sign and determined because it is a fixed sign in the Zodiac. At the same time Mars moves into Aquarius, the planet Uranus moves into Taurus, another fixed Zodiac Sign. From these two positions, Mars and Uranus will form a challenging connection to one another, which could certainly stir up frustration with Mars if it cannot act, as it wants, in its own particular way. This action could be connected to what has been initiated while Mars was previously in Capricorn and it could be the beginnings of what would need to be reconsidered when Mars returns to Capricorn for the second time. Uranus moving into Taurus could also have its own irritations mainly because Uranus is of a very individual nature that tends to go against the grain but Taurus is rather fixed in its conventional view. This energy will be projected to Mars, while it is in Aquarius. However, when Mars returns to Capricorn for the second time, it will then have a more easy going connection with Uranus in Taurus, as both Capricorn and Taurus are earth signs and understand one another. Mars will more readily operate in practical rather than radical terms and this will support greater success, especially as Mars is well positioned in Capricorn.

Mars will then move onto Aquarius for the second time from 11th September until   16th November 2018 when it can complete whatever was first attempted in its first visit to Aquarius but now with the extra knowledge of a better way to go about things.

Mercury , the planet of communication has 3 retrograde (or backward) periods each year. During these times things tend to go awry as confusion reigns. These are not good times to make purchases unless it is to replace something that has broken down. Past issues come up for review, particularly for the Zodiac Sign in which these periods take place.

It is not the best time for travel as there can be all sorts of mix-ups. These times can be extremely favourable for finding lost things, for becoming aware of past mistakes and for getting money, which has been owed, paid back. They are also times when true perception is heightened. Contemplation of matters that have been a puzzle will bring to the surface of one’s mind, the true state of affairs.

Mercury will retrograde in the Fire Zodiac Signs of Aries and Leo during 2018 in the first and second retrograde periods.   In the third period, Mercury will then split between the two Zodiac Signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, being Water and Fire.   Because Fire Signs tend to act, rather than stop and think, these would be times where it is better to be conscious of waiting, no matter how difficult and contemplate what really needs to be dealt with rather than what appearances first seem to be. Also take into account any past component or similar past experiences and this can give the clue on what would be the best form of action to take. The third period occurring in Sagittarius first and then going back to Scorpio, can bring something to an end that perhaps should have happened a long time ago as a means to move forward and expand. Moving forward with decisions is best done once any of the retrograde periods are over.

1st Period – 23rd March until 15th April 2018, in Aries
2nd Period – 26th July until 19th August 2018, in Leo
3rd Period – 17th November until 7th December, in Scorpio & Sagittarius
Following are my interpretations of what the 12 Zodiac Signs can expect during 2018. If you know your Ascendant, you should read that in combination with your Sun Sign. The Ascendant is calculated with the time of birth. If you do not know your Ascendant and you do know the time of the day you were born, email or write (sending a self addressed stamped envelope) to:

ABC Plaza 7/60 North East Road WALKERVILLE 5081 South Australia
I will calculate this for you free of charge. The information I require for this is your full birth date, the time of your birth and where you were born.

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ARIES: (Born between 21st March & 20th April)

Since 2010 much has gone on in life to change you on a personal level in very dramatic ways at times. You are on the verge of moving into a steadier period that may not have the same adventure attached, which could be boring at times. That is life! From early March until mid May it would be wise to look back over this time and mentally decide on what is best left behind and any personal changes you realise need to be maintained for best results in the future. What you begin to experience from mid May to early November will be the first taste of the next 7 years, once this cycle settles in place from March 2019. It will involve your finances. Unexpected opportunities can arise in this area but they will demand and orderly rather than risk taking approach. This will be especially the case over the next 3 years when obligations and responsibilities will certainly increase. This can include promotion, increase in business or family commitments of some description that leave you with less time than has been to focus on your own needs or to take off as you have pleased. This is a good year to sort out any financial matter that involves another person. If you have been expecting a payout of some description it is likely to come before November, leaving you to move ahead.

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TAURUS: (Born between 21st April & 20th May)
Dealing with endings over which you had little choice, has played a strong role in your life over the last 7 years. From mid May to early November you will have the first experience or realisation of significant changes it will be possible for you to make or the way life is going to dramatically alter your personal circumstances during the next 7 years. This will begin in earnest from early March 2019. There will be something radical, either about the way you want to become or what you will need to deal with personally. There will be the opportunity during the next 3 years for you to view your future in practical terms – in some way you can feel set free from what has been expected of you during the last 3 years. This next 3 years is also a good time for you to either take up study or to learn what you must, in order to deal with the changing world you find yourself dealing with. 2018 will generate a busy time with others. You could feel more appreciated than you have in a long time though you need to be alert as to whether matters might be more to their benefit than your own. People you have not seen or heard from in a while could come back into your life from mid October through to mid December. Something about it may make you realise the past was not what it seemed.

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GEMINI: (Born between 21st May & 20th June)
In many ways, you have been able to work your way around happenings in your life during the last 7 years, even this has meant changing your priorities. There has undoubtedly been the pressure of commitments associated with others to deal with in the last 3 years. In the next 7 years, of which you can gain some idea this year between mid May and early November, will see you having to deal with endings over which you have little control. This cycle will start in earnest from early March 2019. Others, either in a business sense or in personal situations have been able to, or have expected to rely on you in the last 3 years. You should have also learnt to question what is most responsible as your role in either of these situations to yourself. During the next 3 years, finances involving others will be the focus. In business, this is favourable for others to be willing to spend their money with you. On a personal level it might be time to sort out exactly what a shared financial role will be or to bring a previous one to an end. You need to take care of your health in 2018 especially if you have been slack with proper diet and exercise. You will put on weight very easily. You also need to be mindful of becoming too much of a slave to the needs of other people.


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CANCER: (Born between 21stJune & 22nd July)
Commitments and responsibilities are likely to have had some unexpected twists and turns during the last 7 years. In some cases this could have been exhilarating but in other cases, disappointing. People who have authority in some way as well, have possibly noticed you. During the last 3 years you may not have felt appreciated for your efforts or felt they were even recognised. During the next 3 years you could discover otherwise. Connections you have made in the past could become more significant and new associations can be associated with stable opportunities in the future. When Mars enters Capricorn both times, much action on this front could take place though don’t be encouraged to take things on too quickly – give yourself time to consider the ramifications. During the next 7 years you are likely to be involved with groups of people. This could include making some new and interesting friends and acquaintances. Progress in this time can be strongly connected to who you know so don’t be afraid to make any approaches in this way that may be appropriate. Your priorities could alter, more than you anticipate right now. 2018 should provide you with plenty of opportunity to enjoy yourself or take up something creative.


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LEO: (Born between 23rd July & 22nd August)
The last 7 years has been good for learning and discovering what you believe in, though this in itself has not put you under any undue pressure. This can change during the next 7 years and the way in which this can happen can begin to emerge from mid May to early November as the focus turns to commitment and responsibility. This may not occur in the way you expect and it could be wise to consider how this would impact on your freedom of choice if you are in a position to make such a decision. Over the next 3 years you are in danger of becoming a slave to circumstance and if this is tied to changed commitments, you may need to question who would benefit the most or whether any extra notoriety is really worth the effort. Your health and general well being will need more attention in this 3 years as well, particularly along the lines of having good routines in place and getting proper rest. The opportunity to have a good think about yourself, how you have handled things in the past and what you plan to do in the future will be from late June to early September. This is a good year to enjoy home and family more. When Mars is in Aquarius for those 2 periods this year, activity involving others can be significant both now and in the future. Don’t rush anything.

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VIRGO: (Born between 23rd August & 22nd September)
During the last 7 years there has been a lot to deal with that has been out of sorts, which has particularly involved what others have expected from you and how they may have flaunted the way things have always been done. Any shared financial situations or money expected from others has likely had a great deal of unpredictability attached to them. You will emerge from this during mid May to early November initially but finally from early March 2019. This can give a real sense of freedom that will develop further over the next 7 years in which there will be the opportunity to decide on the world you would like to create for yourself. Included in this could be taking up some learning or realising what you have learnt as a result of your experiences. During the last 3 years, life has encouraged you to diligently work at getting a good foundation in place either with home or family matters or any situation that you have felt you would like to eventually develop for yourself. The next 3 years should reward you for this and bring you a sense of enjoyment in your own way. You can gain pleasure from the sharing of ideas with someone else this year. Don’t assume this represents compatibility at every level, as there could still be much you won’t know about them, however charming they may be.

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LIBRA: (Born between 23rd September & 22nd October)
More than a few distractions would have been projected into your life from others during the last 7 years. In some cases, what you have initially expected from any sort of liaison is not likely to have been the outcome, though a certain amount of excitement could very well have been involved. From mid May until early November initially, you move into the next 7 year cycle that will settle in from early March 2019. Finances involving others will come into play then. You will be placed in a situation where you will not have clear vision and for this reason, you should not enter into any situation with somebody else financially that puts your own position at risk because matters are more likely not to take predicted directions. On the other hand, it is also possible that you will receive money in unexpected ways. You have also been going through a lot of personal change in the last 7 years and have now reached the point where you need to focus on the foundation, over the next 3 years, that you want to put in place for your own stability and security. This could also involve family. You can do very well financially on a personal level this year. What you might have to watch is over committing yourself when it comes to long-term payments if that is part of your future plan.

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SCORPIO: (Born between 23rd October & 21st November)
Life should be feeling a whole lot better now that Jupiter is in your sign until 8th November. It will open things up rather than hold you back and will bring with it the start of a new 12 year cycle. During the last 7 years it has been difficult to know exactly where you stand with others and whether your efforts have been appreciated. This will change with the new 7 year cycle that begins initially from mid May to early November but settles in place from March 2019. This can bring all sorts of new and different people into your life as well as connections that can be useful in the future. There will be an unpredictable element to people, so you cannot expect them to necessarily carry through with what might be initially discussed, so it is important you don’t alter things too radically in your own life to fit in, until you see where things head. If you have been careful with your finances during the last 3 years you could now be in a comfortable position. The next 3 years is a time for you to think about your options. Some sort of learning can be involved in either taking up a course or gathering information to be well informed. You will have the opportunity to tune into your position, based on both the past and future from mid October through to early December.

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SAGITTARIUS: (Born between 22nd November & 21st December)
You have been able to breathe a sign of relief now that Saturn has moved out of your sign, putting you under pressure for the last 3 years to be responsible in some way or another. During the next 3 years, Saturn will focus on your finances. This is not a time to be carefree in this area – you can do exceptionally well if you put the lessons you have learned about being more practical in the last 3 years to good use with finances. There will still be a degree of feeling held back this year to early November because of the position of your ruling planet Jupiter. What this will demand is that you find quiet time to yourself to give important matters consideration. It could save you a lot of frustration. You will need to get proper rest to maintain good energy levels. The last 7 year cycle that is coming to an initial end between mid May and early November has enabled you to enjoy some interesting experiences which would have been a release valve to any situations of restriction. The next 7 year cycle which begins without change in early March 2019 will not have the same sort of exhilaration from time to time attached. You will need to be on top of detail and strive to be comfortable with what you need to handle on a daily basis. It will be difficult to know how well you are appreciated and if you are looking for this as a guide, it won’t be made obvious.

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CAPRICORN: (Born between 22nd December & 19th January)
This is a year full of new beginnings for you, especially with Saturn, your ruling planet moving into your sign, heralding the start of a new 30 year cycle. You can make good use of Saturn in the 3 years it will be in Capricorn because it is your general nature to take on responsibility rather than avoid it. The only thing you might need to watch is taking obligations on when it would actually be more responsible to teach someone else to do these things for themselves. This can operate in a personal, work or business manner. Mars spending a long period of time in your sign as well will provide great opportunity to get things moving that suit you best. It will also encourage you to think about your own needs rather than putting others first. During the last 7 years there has been a lot of change that was not necessarily expected or planned that has altered the basis of your life. This could include home and family matters as well. It has probably encouraged you to deal with matters as they arise rather than expecting everything to stay in place. The next 7 years that begin initially from mid May to November but settle in from March 2019 should bring plenty of opportunity for fun and will encourage you to embrace all things creative. This could change your outlook considerably.

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AQUARIUS: (Born between 20th January & 18th February)
You wouldn’t call the last 7 years of your life predictable but fortunately you have the nature to be able to cope with such things and learn new facts or information as a result. The next 7 years, which start from mid May to early November initially but gets into full swing from early March 2019, will put your focus on what is best to settle things down and put things in place. This can bring quite dramatic change to the whole basis of your life that can include home and family. During this next 3 years you could find blockages if you attempt to move too fast with anything. Any blockages mean that there is information that has to surface and you need to have the patience to allow time to take its own course. During periods like this you are meant to find quiet time to yourself and contemplate. You could then be surprised with the answers you get. This year can bring an increase in responsibilities that could be good for job prospects where that is desired. Otherwise be mindful of all that could be involved with obligations you agree to. Mars will spend quite a long period in your sign. This will stimulate your energy and self-confidence and provide the opportunity to focus on yourself. Communication with others is important from late June to early September. Listen carefully.

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PISCES: (Born between 19th February & 20th March)
Life has put you under quite a bit of pressure during the last 3 years that has likely demanded some sort of commitment or responsibility. That has now changed and will put your focus during the next 3 years on what your priorities need to be. These could be influenced greatly by your experiences in the last 3 years. You could become involved with a group of people from which you may establish lasting friendships. You may also have more to do with friends from the past. The last 7 years has likely brought unpredictability and change to your finances for either good or bad. From mid May to early November a new 7 year cycle initially takes shape but will settle down from March 2019. This will be more information based, which could also include study or some travel. It will also be a very busy time that has many distractions. If you want to accomplish, you will need to be mindful of these distractions. You can be highly tuned in this year but especially during May and August. You could experience a vision of where you should head long term – it will not be possible to accomplish this in a year and it is likely you would need to gather quite a lot of information or learn some new skills to be able to eventually fulfil this. It will be worth it.

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