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Astrology and Tarot Consultations:

A Personal Consultation at my office can be arranged by telephoning 08 8342 2884 and making an appointment. You can also email me at:

My office is situated at:

ABC Plaza,
7/60 North East Road
South Australia
I consult at my office on:  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday -  Daytime into early Evening.

Astrology is having me draw up your Personal Horoscope, which is actually making a map of the heavens on the day you were born and where you were born.  If you know the time you were born, this is utilised as well.  However, this is not an absolute necessity, as is often believed.  An accurate assessment of present and future personal planet cycles can be obtained without knowing the time of birth.   Astrology concentrates on you and the cycles and phases operating in your life.  You can see your potential, what you can accomplish.  You can also see the lessons you need to learn in life, the things you need to guard against and overcome.  These lessons are a result of your past life experiences as well as the manner in which you have dealt with your present incarnation.   Many cycles and phases operate at the one time, as Man is a rather complex creature. With Astrology, it is possible to see what you need to focus on and when you would be best doing this for a successful outcome.   Astrology will reveal to you the ways in which you can change things about your life or about yourself, it is very penetrating.

Standard Astrology Consultation takes 1½ hours.  This gives a precise perception of what you can expect in your life over the next 12 to 18 months, from the cycles in your birth-chart.  It will give you answers on present situations and the best times to either make changes or to pursue new directions.               $240.00                          



Standard Recorded Astrology Consultation, including 2 CD’s and relevant postage



In-Depth Astrology Consultation takes 2 hours and is highly recommended for detailed insight.  This extra time will give added information.             $290.00                       



Recorded In-Depth Astrology Consultation, including 2 CD’s and relevant postage

 Combination Astrology/Tarot Consultation for 1½ hours combines the event orientated information of The Tarot (explained below) with the precision and accuracy of the planetary cycles in definitely specified areas of your life.                   $240.00



Recorded Combination Astrology/Tarot Consultation, for 1½ hours,including 2 CD’s and relevant postage

 Combination In-Depth Astrology/Tarot Consultation takes 2 hours. 

This is highly recommended, as there is time to cover every angle in your life.    $290.00

Recorded Combination In-Depth Astrology/Tarot Consultation, for 2 hours, including 2 CD’s and relevant postage



Tarot tends to be very event orientated.  It shows your present situation in life and how you are meant to move into your future.  It will bring up other people as well as yourself.  Tarot can show how another person thinks, will react etc., if this has some bearing on your life.  This can be people you know and also people who are yet to come into your life.Tarot shows quite definitely day-to-day things like the purchase or sale of real estate, travel, job change etc.  You can ask definite questions of the Tarot. It can show whether there will be no change to present conditions, the types of changes that will occur and the choices available in the present and future that can modify the outcome.  I do look at your personal planet cycles in conjunction with the Tarot to see the timing of events.  This is not the same as having a Personal Horoscope drawn up though.  With the actual calculation of your Horoscope, many other phases and cycles can be seen.  The ultimate reading to have done is a Combination Tarot/Astrology.  This combines the event-orientated information of The Tarot with the precision and accuracy of the planetary cycles in definitely specified areas of your life.  This is discussed (above) under Astrology.I can see you personally for The Tarot but telephone or Skype can also do it successfully.

  For more details go to Telephone/Skype Consultations.

There are 3 different choices with Tarot Consultations. 

Your Consultation can be recorded on CD and posted to you.

 In-Depth Tarot Consultation

takes an hour.  This will normally bring up any important issues in your life at present and then show the development, usually over the next 12-18 month period.  You may also ask specific questions.  $150.00



Recorded In-Depth Tarot Consultation, including CD and relevant postage



Ultra In-Depth Tarot Consultation takes 1½ hours.  It is a further continuation of the In-Depth consultation.                                        $190.00



Recorded Ultra In-Depth Tarot Consultation, including 2 CD’s and relevant postage



Standard Tarot Consultation  takes ½ hour and normally covers one main event in your life or one particular question you might want to ask.      $95.00



Recorded Standard Tarot Consultation, including CD and relevant postage

Mini Tarot Consultation, takes 15 minutes.  This is only available on the telephone or Skype.                   $65.00                                                                                                         



Recorded Mini Tarot Consultation, including CD and relevant postage

Cash, Eftpos, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, welcome when you attend your Consultation, or payment can be made through Paypal (above) previous to the Consultation if you prefer that or by Direct Debit into my Bank Account

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