Personal Astrology consultations can also be done by mail on CD or printed or by telephone.

A Mailed Personal Astrology Consultation (on CD) allows you to have a Personal Consultation without visiting me. I do not have to meet you beforehand. All I need is your birth date, where you were born and the time (if you know it). The time is not an absolute necessity. You can ask any questions you have about your life; past, present and future. I explain the planet patterns from their birth positions and then go 2 to 3 years into the future.

Mailed Standard Consultation – 1 hour on CD $240



Mailed In-Depth Consultation on a 1½ Hour on CD $280



For an emailed or typed answer to a specific question, go to Email Consultations

For mailed or emailed printed reports, go to Personal Astrology Printed Reports

Any Astrology Consultations on CD can be ordered by printing out The Personal Details Document (below) and posting to the office address (below). Otherwise you may phone 08 8342 2884 with your personal details or email them to:

ABC Plaza,
7/60 North East Road,
South Australia

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