Personal Consultations


ASTROLOGY is having me draw up your Personal Horoscope, which is actually making a map of the heavens on the day you were born and where you were born. If you know the time you were born, this is utilised as well. However, this is not an absolute necessity, as is often believed. An accurate assessment of present and future personal planet cycles can be obtained without knowing the time of birth.

Astrology concentrates on you and the cycles and phases operating in your life. You can see your potential, what you can accomplish. You can also see the lessons you need to learn in life, the things you need to guard against and overcome. These lessons are a result of your past life experiences as well as the manner in which you have dealt with your present incarnation. Many cycles and phases operate at the one time as Man is a rather complex creature.

With Astrology, it is possible to see what you need to focus on and when you would be best doing this for a successful outcome. Astrology will show you the ways in which you can change things about your life or about yourself, it is very penetrating.