Tarot Classes in Adelaide


Tarot Classes in Adelaide are held by Anne-Elisabeth at Walkerville at 4 weekly intervals on a Saturday afternoon.  These Tarot Classes are of a 2 Hour duration and the maximum number of students is 5.

Tarot is very interesting to learn. Although the general opinion of Tarot is that is very mysterious and hidden, it is really extremely practical and logical.

It is basically a study showing how thinking does the creating and determines the experiences in life. It will help you, at an individual level, to understand the processes of your own thinking patterns and to alter them, if necessary, for better results. It will also give you a greater understanding of other people and their thinking patterns, also why certain things happen.

Everything in life is a matter of realisation and once you come to a realisation, you are enlightened and ready to make some plans or decisions. Tarot clearly shows the state of affairs. Once you see this, you have got a good starting point for making plans or sorting out problems.

Through my teaching of Tarot for quite some time now, I came to realise it was necessary for the student to have available to them interpretations of each and every Tarot card.

I have been reading the Tarot Cards pretty much daily for over 40 years now and took up learning them about 10 years earlier than this. It has been through this constant contact with the Tarot with all the different situations and circumstances of others that I have dealt with that has taught me more on the practical day to day level than any interpretations I have read in books. For that reason there was really no Tarot book I could recommend to students.

This is why I have written the interpretations as I have come to know them over the years as a series of Workbooks. A new series of beginner classes in reading the Tarot will start at Walkerville, in May 2020.

These classes will be held once every 4 weeks and will be of a 2-hour duration.  They will be held on a Saturday morning – 10.00 a.m. until 12.00 pm. Following will find the dates for 2020.

The cost for each class is $70, which you pay as you attend.  Eftpos & Credit Card facilities are available.

The classes will begin on Saturday, 28th May, 2022

10.00 am  until  12.00 pm

Then following class dates for the rest of the year will be:

  • Saturday, 25th June
  • Saturday, 23rd July
  • Saturday, 20th August
  • Saturday, 17th September
  • Saturday,  15th October
  • Saturday,  12th November

These classes will continue into 2023, for those who are interested in continuing their learning of the Tarot.

For the class you will need to purchase a series of Workbooks which have the explanation of the symbolism of each Tarot card – this will enable you to consciously understand why each card means what it means. As well there is an interpretation as to the meaning in a reading of each Tarot card. It will be this aspect that you will likely refer to most. There will also be room for you to be able to write in any other notes on meanings. It does pay to write these things down as they come to you from time to time. You think you will remember it next time but this type of “tuning in” comes from deeper levels and as you get on with other things in life, you won’t necessarily recall the knowledge, which can be very frustrating.

There are 78 Tarot cards in the deck, made up of 22 Major Arcana that correspond to the 12 Zodiac Signs and the 10 planets of our Solar System. The basis of Tarot is Astrology, which many people are unaware of. The 56 Tarot of the Minor Arcana are divided in 4 suits. These 4 suits correspond to the 4 Elements of Astrology – Fire, Water, Air and Earth. They also correspond with the 4 suits of playing cards (which, by the way were a spin off from Tarot – Tarot being the original invention).

So, as you can see, there is a lot of information associated with these 78 Tarot Cards, which the student needs to be able to refer to. There 11 Workbooks in all. The cost for all the Workbooks is $320. When attending classes these can be purchased on a 5 month or 9 month payment plan. It is also possible to pay these in greater and regular amounts of one’s own choice.

The Workbooks are a necessity for joining a class in learning to read the Tarot, mainly because these classes will be hands-on reading 3 card layouts once we have gone through the theory of the Major Arcana during the classes in 2022.

The most difficult part of reading the cards is blending meanings together in a cohesive manner. The interpretations in the Workbooks give the student the principal starting point for interpretation. The story will unfold from there. There is a lot of information that can be gleaned from just 3 Tarot Cards. The success in moving on and interpreting a layout, using a greater number of cards, is entirely dependent upon the developed skills established from this 3-card layout.

For the first class, The Introductory Workbook will be necessary and the correct (as there are hundreds out there) deck of Tarot, which can be purchased from me. From this, an idea of whether my style of teaching suits you should be obvious. You may not want to go any further. Remaining in the class will require the rest of the Workbooks for future class learning and your studies away from the class.

During the classes in 2022 we will go through the other 6 Workbooks on the Major Arcana – 1 Workbook at each class, which you can purchase as you attend.

At the end of the year you can then have the 4 Workbooks on the Minor Arcana to go through during the break before classes begin again in 2023.  It will be then that we will begin the 3 Card Readings.  You will need to bring all your Workbooks with you to each class for learning interpretation.  You can also write you own notes into your Workbooks.

You can purchase Workbooks ahead of what we are doing in the class at any time, if you prefer.

If you would like to enrol in a class you can email me at wisdoms@anne-elisabeth.com.au

I can email an Enrolment Form to you.

The ability to read Tarot well will not be acquired quickly. Much depends upon the degree of focus a student is prepared to apply to this in their own time as well. For however long any person does Tarot they will continue to learn – there is no end; it is a life long study. The classes will be ongoing. Should you decide at any point you have done enough, you are free to leave the class.

If you cannot attend classes, these Workbooks can be used to learn Tarot at home. I do plan to do CD’s on these 3-card layouts, explaining how to begin with each interpretation and then blending them, based on points in common or in conflict. This will give a general idea of how to go about this. These will be available on my website for purchase or you can contact me to let you know when they are ready. These can be purchased separately or in any combination. All this information will be available on the website shortly.

I have designed this course to give the student the best knowledge possible on being able to read the Tarot in a practical down to earth manner when it comes to the events being experienced in life. The interpretations are not airy fairy at all. To master the Tarot well, takes a certain amount of dedication and persistence, just as anything does if you want to become proficient. This will give you a sense of calmness about life and also the knowledge of the best way to manage situations that present themselves. It is very worthwhile knowledge to gain, even if only for yourself.

The Tarot Classes are held in Adelaide at:

ABC Plaza,
7/60 North East Road,

Telephone: 08 8342 2884

If you have any other questions or would like more information sent out, feel free to get in touch by telephone, mail or email me at wisdoms@anne-elisabeth.com.au



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