The Planets


The planets we are concerned with are those in our own Solar System. In any Solar System, including ours, all the planets revolve around the Sun, the life-giving force. With a Personal Horoscope, it is erected from the standpoint of the Earth, because we live on the Earth. This is the dimension from where we have our experiences.

All the planets have cycles and these cycles are of varying lengths. With Astrology, the cycles of all the other planets in our Solar System, being The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are observed from the Earth (where we live). The length of time of the planet cycles is in relation to them moving around the Earth.

Each planet has a nature of its own and a certain type of effect. This is modified by the nature of the Zodiac Sign the planet is passing at any particular time.

The planets fall into 2 categories. The Personal Planets and the Generation Planets.

The Personal Planets are: The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. These are the planets closest to the earth. They have the faster and more quickly changing cycles. This establishes a lot of variety, hence character differences, which creates individuality with people.

The Generation Planets are: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These planets are further away from the earth and have much slower cycles. Except for Jupiter, they all spend more than 1 year travelling past a Zodiac Sign. This focuses attention on one particular area of life for quite some time. This is why they are called Generation Planets because they influence the changing attitudes of different generations.

Each planet has rulership over a particular Zodiac Sign. You will notice when you read the characteristics of a planet and the sign it rules that there are many similarities. If a person was born when a planet was in the Zodiac Sign it rules, this means that planet has a strong position, it is very at home. It is comfortable. In the following explanations of the nature of the planets, the Zodiac Sign of which they have rulership, will also be mentioned.

Sun Jupiter
Moon Saturn
Mercury Uranus
Venus Neptune
Mars Pluto

The Sun

The Sun is the ruling planet of the Zodiac Sign of Leo.

The cycle of The Sun through the whole 12 Zodiac Signs is one year. The Sun returns to the same position it had when a person was born on their birthday each year. This is how one’s birthday is established.

When people refer to their “Star Sign”, as being for instance Aries or Taurus or Gemini or Cancer etc., they are actually referring to the Zodiac Sign the Sun was passing by in the heavens, when they were born. Below are listed the periods when The Sun is passing by each Zodiac Sign. The change-over dates from one sign to another is called “the cusp”. People born around this time may not know which sign is their Sun Sign. The dates given below are the most common change-over dates, however, The Sun does not conveniently make these changes at exactly the same time each year. For one who is born on the cusp, their sign can definitely be established by an Astrologer, particularly if the time of birth is known, although it is not always necessary to have this information.

  • ARIES: Born between 21st March & 20th April
  • TAURUS: Born between 21st April & 20th May
  • GEMINI: Born between 21st May & 20th June
  • CANCER: Born between 21st June & 22nd July
  • LEO: Born between 23rd July & 22nd August
  • VIRGO: Born between 23rd August & 22nd September
  • LIBRA: Born between 23rd September & 22nd October
  • SCORPIO: Born between 23rd October & 21st November
  • SAGITTARIUS: Born between 22nd November & 21st December
  • CAPRICORN: Born between 22nd December & 19th January
  • AQUARIUS: Born between 20th January & 18th February
  • PISCES: Born between 19th February & 20th March

The Sun Sign represents the characteristics a person is meant to develop and utilise in this life-time. This is not automatically the way a person is, as many people believe. This is a misinterpretation. It is what one has to learn. For a person to experience ultimate happiness they must develop the qualities of this Zodiac Sign. Look to the explanations of the Zodiac Signs to see just what are these qualities.

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The Moon is the ruling planet of the Zodiac Sign Cancer.

The cycle of The Moon through the whole 12 Zodiac signs is 28 days. The Moon has the fastest cycle of all the planets. The Moon changes Zodiac Signs every 2 to 2½ days.

The Sun spends 30 days in one Zodiac Sign and in this time The Moon has travelled right around the whole Zodiac and started again. The only time the Sun and the Moon are in the same Zodiac Sign is when we have a New Moon. Therefore, only people born at the time of a New Moon have their Sun Sign and Moon Sign the same. At all other times of the month, these two planets are in different Zodiac Signs. This is brings great differences in characteristics and nature to two people who were born under the same Sun Sign.

To know a person’s Moon Sign, is to really know what they are all about. The Moon Sign shows automatic habit patterns. It shows the characteristics, which are a well defined part of their nature. The person themselves are quite comfortable with this sign.

Most people are born with their Sun and Moon in different Zodiac Signs. If these signs are compatible, it will be easy for the person to develop situations, as they want in life. However if these signs are not compatible, the person will feel as though they are continually fighting an uphill battle. This conflict actually exists within the person and becomes manifested in the circumstances of their life.

This is not a fate that has to be accepted. What has to be developed is a moving away from the automatic habit patterns of the Moon Sign and a moving towards developing the characteristics of the Sun Sign.

Habit patterns are not easily changed because they are well established. Nevertheless, they can be changed. All it takes is knowledge. Once a person knows the reasons they automatically do certain things, they can choose to make alterations. Of course, there can be some habit patterns, which are quite O.K. and don’t need to be changed at all.

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Mercury rules 2 Zodiac Signs. They are Gemini and Virgo.

The cycle of Mercury through the whole 12 Zodiac Signs is a year. Mercury is not always in exactly the same position at the same time of the year, as The Sun is, because it goes in a retrograde (or backward) motion, 3 times a year for 3 weeks at a time.

Mercury is never very far away from the Sun. It will often be in the same Zodiac Sign as the Sun. Mercury can also be one Zodiac Sign before the Sun Sign or one Zodiac Sign after the Sun Sign. This will depend upon the influence of its retrograde cycles.

To use an example of the Sun Sign being Aries, it is possible for Mercury to be in Aries as well. Mercury could also be in the sign before the Aries Sun Sign, which is Pisces, or the sign after Aries, which is Taurus. To see the signs that fall before or after each particular Sun Sign, refer to the Horoscope Diagram and Legend on page whatever, which shows the order of the Zodiac signs.

Mercury influences the way a person thinks and how they go about making decisions. Mercury shows how a person makes choices in their life. Even when people are not inclined to make choices this is still making a choice in a roundabout sort of a way. The Zodiac Sign of Mercury will show how the person communicates and the sort of things, which will be of interest to their mind. It also shows one’s manner of concentration.

If Mercury is the same as the Sun Sign, then the person will think along those lines and it will, of course, make it easier for them to develop the qualities of the Sun Sign. If, however, Mercury is different to the Sun Sign this will be one reason why that person may not seem like their Sun Sign at all.

As mentioned earlier, Mercury spends 3 weeks, 3 times a year in retrograde motion. Because Mercury is the planet of communication, these are times when communication can break down. Most strikes occur in these periods. Matters which have been brewing and a conclusion has not been reached will come to a head. If something is on the verge of breaking down or is wearing out, this is when it will choose to do so. Things are easily forgotten or mixed up.

This is an excellent period for finding things, which have been lost in the past. Also to be paid money owing from the past. It is wonderful for contemplating matters and eventually coming up with ideas or answers not previously considered. Something not understood in the past can suddenly make sense. Past mistakes will be uncovered as well.

The next 3 Mercury Retrograde periods are:

  • 31st January until 21st February 2021 – in Aquarius
  • 30th May until 23rd June 2021 – in Gemini
  • 27th September until19th October 2021 – in Libra

Naturally there are some people born while Mercury is retrograde. They think differently to most. They often do things backwards and frequently transpose letters and numbers. They will often take longer to first talk, especially boys. They have an uncanny ability to know what other people are thinking and to know what other people are going to say.

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Venus rules 2 Zodiac Signs. They are Taurus and Libra.

The cycle of Venus through the whole 12 Signs of the Zodiac is a year. Venus, as well as Mercury does not have the same exactness as the cycle of the Sun because it too has a retrograde cycle, once every 18 months or so.

Venus, like Mercury is always quite close to the Sun. Venus can be just that bit further away. So Venus will, at times, be the same as the Sun Sign and up to 2 signs before the Sun Sign or 2 signs after the Sun Sign.

So if we use the example of an Aries Sun Sign again, it would be possible for Venus to be in the same sign of Aries but if it is either one or two signs back, Venus could be in Pisces or Aquarius. If Venus happens to be in either of the signs ahead of Aries, this could be Taurus or Gemini. To work this out for any other Sun Sign look to the Horoscope Diagram and Legend on page whatever and choose a Sun Sign. This can be chosen on the wheel or the list. Count 2 sign’s back from the sign you have chosen. Then 2 sign’s forward. Venus can be in any one of these 5 signs (including the sign you have chosen).

Venus is the planet of balance and harmony, so when a person is born with Venus in the same Zodiac Sign as their Sun Sign, they will seek balance and harmony in their life. This will be important to them.

Venus is the planet of relating. The sign of Venus shows the types of people a person will attract and be attracted to. This will not only represent love relationships, but friendships and people one may come into contact with through work or any situation which involves them on a regular basis with certain people. When a person feels instantly comfortable with someone else this is usually because Venus in their Horoscope is making a harmonious connection to a planet in the other person’s Horoscope.

It is very common for people to marry someone whose Sun Sign is the same as the Zodiac sign of Venus in their own Horoscope. Both person’s Sun Signs may not be compatible at all but there will be much harmony because of this Venus connection. This is why compatibility cannot be judged on Sun Signs alone.

Venus also shows the person’s attitude to money. People born with Venus in a practical Zodiac Sign will be careful and practical with money. People born with Venus in a carefree Zodiac Sign will be this way with money. This has nothing to do with their Sun Sign and this is why some people who are born a practical Sun Sign are not practical with money. Venus will probably be found in a carefree sign.

The Zodiac sign in which a person has their Venus will show the type of work that will be attractive to them. Venus shows how a person will enjoy earning their money.

Venus also shows the types of things, which are of value in a person’s life. Value here is not referring to money value. A person’s values are the standards they set, their morals or their beliefs. Values represent what is important to a person, what is desirable, what is worthwhile or significant. Values are what a person holds in high regard. Sometimes this is money but mostly it is not money, it is other things and the Zodiac Sign of Venus shows the types of things.

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Mars rules the Zodiac Sign of Aries. It is also the traditional ruler of Scorpio.  When Pluto was discovered in 1930 it became the modern ruler of Scorpio.

The cycle of Mars through the whole 12 Signs of the Zodiac takes 2 years. Whatever area Mars influences in a person’s life, which will be shown in the Horoscope, will go through modification or change every 2 years.

Mars indicates how a person is motivated. It is the planet related to taking action. Mars is the partner to Venus. Venus describes a person’s desires and what is important to the person. Mars describes the type of action the person will take to bring their desires about.

It is the energy of Mars that one utilises when they have to go into “battle” in any situation in life. Mars has always been called “The God of War” and this is why. It is related to how we fight for what we believe in. What we believe in, is determined by Venus. So you can see how Mars and Venus operate in unison.

Mars influences the way a person reasons things out or puts things together. In certain positions of the Zodiac or Horoscope it gives mechanical ability. This means such a person can readily understand how mechanical things operate. This does not just mean motors. It can be anything, which has a structure where one thing depends upon another to be able to work or to be totally put together.

Mars is associated with the colour red. It is also associated with quickness, speed, impatience and temper. People who drive red cars, usually speed. They have no doubt chosen a red car because Mars has a predominant position in their Horoscope. Racing car drivers are strongly influenced by Mars.

People with red hair invariably have a strong position of Mars in their Horoscope. This is why they are associated with a quick temper. Mars is the giver of energy and a strong Mars in a personal Horoscope will endow that person with plenty of energy. It is also associated with attention deficit disorder, which has no doubt always existed but only recently been labelled. This type of person needs to use their physical energy, or take action. They are not so good at sitting still and thinking. The only time they are happy to sit still is when they have totally depleted their energy store. These very active people in their earlier years still have plenty of energy when they get older. It tones down a little but not as much as everybody else. They are still going strong, while others are looking to take things a little easier.

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Jupiter rules the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius. It is also the traditional ruler of Pisces. When Neptune was discovered it became the modern ruler of Pisces.

Jupiter is the first of the Generation Planets, which have much slower cycles. The cycle of Jupiter through all 12 signs of the Zodiac is 12 years. This means that Jupiter spends 1 year in each Zodiac sign. All people born in a particular year have Jupiter in the same sign, whereas their Personal Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) will be in a variety of different Zodiac signs.

Because Jupiter stays in one Zodiac Sign for a year it tends to influence the type of behaviour that will be an underlying pattern in a general sense, where everybody is concerned for that year.

As Jupiter has 12 year cycle, it means it will return to the same position it had when a person was born, every 12 years. This represents the beginning of a new 12 year personal cycle. This occurs for the first time at 12 years of age, then 24 yrs. 36 yrs, 48 yrs. 56 yrs, 72 yrs, 84 yrs, 96 yrs etc.

When Jupiter does begin a new cycle, there is a sense of being on the verge of a whole new era in life. One can look back and see that much of what has taken place in the previous 12 years is drifting into the past and is to be left behind as one ventures into situations with some sort of new meaning. One is usually glad of this but sometimes there is sadness also.

The first 3 years of a new Jupiter cycle are very personally orientated and quite experimental. There is no need to be terribly serious. It is the 4th year where there is a need to establish definite patterns. These patterns set the tone for the rest of the cycle.

Each year within the complete 12 year cycle, Jupiter has an altered mode of activity. This is an extremely accurate indicator of what will be the main focus in any individual’s life during that year. This shows whether it is a year to begin afresh, a year when one can afford to be carefree, a year to stick with what is already established in life or a year to begin winding things down. When a person knows what part of the cycle they are experiencing and they go with the flow of that mode of activity, they will experience a sense of inner peace. With this comes the experience of successfully coping with whatever is presented in life. This could be gaining the ultimate but it may also be learning to gain control of something that hasn’t been so easy. Either one of these experiences will be a victory.

Jupiter is called the “lucky planet”, mainly because it has an expanding quality and luck is always associated with something growing or developing in a favourable way. Jupiter’s expanding quality may also increase the “not so good” and when this happens, it will not seem like luck at all. It will lead to eventual benefit though.

Jupiter’s nature is basically optimistic and stimulates a positive attitude. Optimism is a good thing, provided one has taken the trouble to be well informed. Jupiter does not care what it “grows”. It will grow results of carelessness just as profusely as it will grow results of being well informed. The choice is entirely with each individual.

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Saturn rules the Zodiac Sign of Capricorn. It is also the traditional ruler of Aquarius. When Uranus was discovered is became the modern ruler of Aquarius.

The cycle of Saturn through all 12 Zodiac Signs is 29½ years. This means a person is almost 30 years old when Saturn returns to the same position it had when they were born. This is the Maturing Cycle.

At this time, people begin to look at their life quite differently. This is because they start to consider things more seriously with a far greater sense of commitment to responsibility. However, to try and explain this to someone under the age of 30 is quite impossible. They have no perception of this degree of maturity. It is not a wise move for a person over 30 years of age to marry someone who is well under 30. By the time the younger person turns 30, they probably won’t want the situation any longer. Once both people are over 30, age difference is not such a problem.

This is a time people are ready to take on the responsibility of marriage, of being a parent. They often gain greater responsibility at work or become aware of what it is they want to accomplish and make some serious decisions to pursue it.

The second time Saturn returns to its birth position is between 58 and 60 years of age. This is another period where a person is again assessing their future. This time it is usually with retirement in mind. Often people have retired or do retire from a long term job and go into business or a career of their own, for the first time in their lives. Choices made now are because the person wants to do it, not because they have to and for this reason, success is quite easily established. When people are younger, to think that they might start something totally new at 60 is totally beyond their imagination because 60 seems old. It is wise, not old.

This is also the body’s telling time for the way it has been cared for in younger years. The weak spots show up, particularly where there has been over-use or abuse. It is a very common age group for heart attacks and strokes. Adjustments need to be made in life, taking into account, any changing health conditions. It may not be the health condition of the person themselves but rather responsibility they have to take on because of a partner’s changed state of health or perhaps that of an aged parent.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility and commitment. These are words people often do not like but it is the way one progresses in life. Without committing oneself, nothing will be accomplished. And once a person is committed they have taken on the responsibility of that commitment, whatever it may be. This will be just as important for the small matters in life as for the bigger, perhaps seemingly more important, things.

In its complete 29½ year cycle, Saturn reaches an action point every 7 years. This is often a testing time (which is another Saturn activity) for the way a person has been handling certain aspects of their life. If they have been committed and responsible, there will be the opportunity to move onto greater heights. If they have not been committed and responsible, all will seem very difficult. There will be a sense of having little choice over matters. This is only because they have ignored things they should have been concentrating upon. The time of reckoning arrives with Saturn. The ages for these types of experiences are 7-8 yrs, 14-15 yrs., 21-22 yrs., 28-29yrs., 36-37 yrs., 44-45 yrs., 51-52 yrs., 58-59 yrs. and so on.

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Uranus is the modern ruler of the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius.

The cycle of Uranus through all 12 Zodiac Signs is 84 years. Only a person who reaches 84 years or more will experience Uranus completing a full cycle of their Horoscope by returning to the position it held at their birth. Uranus spends 7 years in each Zodiac Sign, so it is another planet which influences life with 7 year cycles.

Uranus stimulates definite change to circumstances and situations in life that have become extremely routine, even stuck in rut. It is a planet, which brings surprises. It will have a way of creating the unbelievable. Sometimes a person is really happy about this but sometimes it has quite the opposite effect. Nevertheless it is something that is and will no longer be as it was and it is best the person comes to terms with it. If a person is not happy about the changes and chooses not to come to terms with it, they then create a lot of frustration, even bitterness in their own life. It is not Uranus creating this result, it is the individual because, in their own mind, they decide to live in the past and not accept the changes of the present.

It is a planet of individuality and independence with a singular purpose. There is always this quality associated with the changes, stimulated by Uranus. It will stir a desire within a person to consider their priorities in life. If the person initiates the changes for themselves, it is because they consider it to have become a priority, to be of prime importance. If a person experiences sudden change in their life as a result of somebody else’s decisions, then that person is placed in a position where their focus needs to become individual. There is really no choice. They have to adopt an independent attitude, which is really establishing their own priorities, if they are to cope.

The most common period for this type of experience in life is around 40 years of age. This is when Uranus has reached the halfway point of its entire cycle and is directly opposite to the position it had when the person was born. This is commonly called “The Mid-Life Crisis Cycle”. This type of rebellion can also occur when Uranus connects to any Personal Planets in the Horoscope at any stage of life. The timing of this is entirely personal, based on the day the person was born. An Astrologer can accurately predict at what age this will occur.

It is a time where people suddenly do things, which seem so “out of character”. It is really not as sudden as it seems though. When a person does this it means they have been disgruntled for quite some time but have continued on in whatever has become a “normal” pattern. Now they feel they must make the changes or live with it for the rest of their lives. They are no longer influenced or terribly worried by what other people may think. This type of situation is a crisis to the people who have been attached, even reliant upon this person. This will have very little influence upon the person because their need is to free themselves up and they will not let anything stand in the way. These changes are generally to personal relationships or the way in which they have earned their income.

It does not mean that everybody goes through disruption when they turn 40. If a person has been quite content with their progress in life, it is a time where some exciting new opportunities suddenly present themselves. One develops a definite sense of “knowing” what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in their life. A person will have no qualms in rebelling against anything unacceptable to them.

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Neptune is the modern ruler the Zodiac Sign of Pisces.

Neptune has a cycle of 165 years through the whole 12 Zodiac Signs. This means Neptune cannot complete a cycle around any person’s Horoscope in their lifetime, so it has a limited range of influence. Neptune spends 14 years in each Zodiac Sign and for this reason Neptune tends to have influence over an era.

Neptune is the planet that brings a person’s greatest wishes and hopes to fruition but in order for this to happen one has to have come to a point where they have coped in a positive manner with the cycles of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

What this means is that the person has reached a point where they utilise the growth and development aspect of Jupiter for improvement. If Jupiter happens to be developing something, which is going out of control in a big way, they recognise this and take steps to correct it. The person must have also become comfortable with the level of commitment and responsibility they are happy to accept in life, through Saturn’s influence. This does not mean simply taking on all obligations expected of them. It can often represent learning to be responsible for their own needs, which frequently means not allowing oneself to get bogged down through taking care of everybody else’s needs. This leads one to the Uranus stage where they are neither worried nor influenced by the opinions of others when something has become an important aspect of their life. They will pursue it, regardless.

When a person has conquered these three phases associated with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, there will be a strong sense of knowing themselves. It will be easy for them to recognise what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. This final stage of this 3-phase development is generally established between the ages of 40 and 45 yrs. It certainly does not occur before 40 yrs and can begin to take place at any time after 45 yrs. Some people live their whole life without evolving to this stage. When this is the case, the person is influenced by all sorts of doubts and insecurities. This is how Neptune affects them. The person who has progressed through these phases will utilise the energy of Neptune to turn their dreams into reality.

The position Neptune has in a person’s Horoscope will indicate areas of personal insecurities and doubts, which will affect them particularly in the earlier part of their life. It is what one needs to work beyond up to the age of 45 years.

Neptune is the planet associated with clairvoyance. Neptune gives a very strong sense of knowing exactly the direction events will take in the future. Everybody has clairvoyant ability in varying degrees. Neptune’s position in a Horoscope shows the areas in life to which this clairvoyant ability is applied by the individual. With proper development, this area becomes one of great wisdom and foresight.

All forms of addiction are associated with Neptune. When a person is addicted they have certainly not worked their way through the 3-phase development of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. They have personal fears and insecurities to overcome.

Neptune is also the planet of imagination and creativity. All people have this quality in varying degrees as well. All people create the circumstances of their life through their imagination. Every person’s dreams are turned into reality through their imagination. For a dream to come true is must first be imagined!

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Pluto is the modern ruler of the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio.

Pluto has a cycle of 248 years through the whole 12 Zodiac Signs. This means Pluto cannot complete a cycle around any person’s Horoscope in their lifetime, so it has a limited range of influence. Whatever this influence might be though, it is one of great intensity.

Pluto rules birth and death. Not only in the literal sense as the physical birth of a living creature which inevitably progresses towards its physical death but the birth and death of absolutely everything that exists. Our own lives are only one aspect of birth and death. Whatever exists in the entire universe goes through the cycle of birth and death on a continuous basis. This is not only tangible things but also the intangible, like thoughts and feelings.

Within our own bodies our cells are going through the birth and death process, the whole time, during our entire life. Old cells die and are replaced by new ones. Our cells are impregnated with our thought processes and as we begin to think differently the newly created cells are filled with this attitude. This is why people “feel different” when they have a change of attitude. All our body cells are never replaced at the one time, it is a gradual process and this is why change takes a while. Even when a sudden change takes place in life, there is still an adjustment period, while new cells are being created and are absorbing the different level of mental acceptance.

When we have a new thought or reach a point of understanding something differently, this the “birth” of a new perception automatically means the “death” of the old perception or what was previously thought or understood to be the case. The same goes for our feelings. Once we feel differently about something or someone, incorporated in that process is a leaving of something behind.

Whatever “dies” or is left behind can never return into life as it was because the new process becomes incorporated into it. So even if a person returns to something which was part of the past, it cannot ever be the same as it was in the past because the person themselves, are no longer the same. A transformation has taken place.

This is what Pluto is all about, definite change and transformation. This is part of progress. Not that progress always feels good. However, it is inevitable. Often one will feel “forced” to accept change, through the influence of Pluto. There is an ultimate purpose. Eventually this purpose becomes evident, combined with a sense that a force much greater than oneself has had its say. This is Pluto.

Wherever Pluto is positioned in the birth-chart, it shows what that person will seek to control and where they will have an extremely deep sense of purpose. Pluto brings strong desire and intensity. Whenever people display this sort of behaviour in certain areas of their life, they are utilising Pluto.

Pluto has an investigating quality. It is associated with getting to the bottom of things, the real truth of the matter. The whole process from beginning to end can eventually be understood through the influence of Pluto. It has persistence, which at times seems more aggravating than helpful but its strong sense of purpose will surely and most certainly get something moving because there is no such thing as standing still or staying the same. Life is continual change. Ensured by Pluto.