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Aries -The Ram

Aries is the 1st Sign of the Zodiac. For this reason Aries likes to be first. Second place to them just doesn’t seem right. Aries is competitive and will often be found in areas that require a competitive spirit. Aries is brave and adventurous. They forge new directions for other people to follow. Aries focus is straight and direct. There is no interest at all in side issues. In fact, they won’t even be noticed. To Aries, progress needs to be swift, otherwise, the matter is dropped and something else becomes the centre of attention. Patience and Aries do not go hand in hand. A quick temper is also an Aries trait and this is predominantly associated with frustration. Aries, tends to rely on what seems obvious, there is no inclination to search the depths. This represents a certain degree of naivety. Very often Aries are accused of being selfish. This is rarely an ulterior motive. It is just that they are so focussed upon what they want, or think is important, that nothing else is taken into account. It is very much tunnel vision, straight to the point. Sacrifice is not one of their words. However, they can also accept that there are certain things other people cannot sacrifice as well. There is an ability to drop something that has become too difficult or too complicated and head off in a completely new direction. They do not hark back on what has been left in the past. Once it is gone, it is gone. If means that much to them, they will simply start something similar again. Aries can be accident prone, particularly where speed, heat or sharpness is concerned. Accidents are not meant to be – they are a result of not paying proper attention.

Aries rules the head, eyes and the part of the brain, which influences the body’s muscular system. People who have any of their personal planets or ascendant in Aries will have sensitivity to these areas of their body.

If the Sun is in Aries: The need will arise at some stage in life to fight for one’s rights. The battle must be entered into or a sense of weakness will inhibit many of life’s undertakings. Looking into things is an essential lesson as well as maintaining the focus. Deal with one thing at a time. As one stage nears its end the next stage will begin to emerge and become recognisable. Short-term goals of no longer than a two-year duration are best. It will be new adventures and experiences that will give a true sense of what the meaning of life is for an Aries.

If the Moon is in Aries: There is little hesitation in the nature – let’s do it is the theme otherwise opportunity may be lost. Energetic. The focus is intent upon the subject in a tunnel-visioned sort of way. As a result side issues are not recognised which will often be seen by others as naivety. Patience is not a strong point. If something seems to be going nowhere fast it will be dropped and the attention will be turned in another direction. A natural ability for putting things together that is utilised in all sorts of ways. Fighting spirit. Temper may need control.

If Mercury is in Aries: will want to understand things quickly. If this doesn’t happen, it is forgotten and will move onto something else. Very straight forward in expressing what one thinks. May also get into arguments quite easily.

If Venus is in Aries: impulsive with money. Needs some sort of change or new challenge in the money earning situation every couple of years. Relationships will begin and finish very quickly. Will enjoy competition and a challenge. There is an attraction to other people who have Aries traits.

If Mars is in Aries: highly motivated. Will not want to waste time. If there is something to do, get on with it. Has a high energy level. Very sensitive about making a fool of themselves, if they can’t do as well as someone else.

If the Ascendant is in Aries: Speed is the name of the game. There is little patience to wait around too long for anything. You have a preference to arrive early. There is a need for caution with hot or sharp things. You will look single-mindedly in the direction being taken but can miss periphery details.

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Taurus – The Bull

Taurus is the 2nd Sign of the Zodiac. Its strongest quality is the ability to further develop something that has already been started. Taurus has stickability. Once a commitment has been made they will see it through to the very end. Adaptability is not one of Taurus’ strong points, so will very often take longer because of not adjusting to changing conditions along the way. To Taurus, comfort and security are of utmost importance. They will put in untiring effort to develop such circumstances. They will willingly provide this as well for those for whom they care. Taurus can be rather stubborn, although they never think this is the case. When Taurus does become stubborn it is because they think they are right and there will be no way of convincing them otherwise. Best to give up and leave them to it. Taurus is quite intuitive. They do not trust situations or people who are too elaborate. Down to earth, simple and straight forward is their motto. Taurus accumulates money and possessions but they are not into making a big deal or being really showy about it. They will often be the people who are quite wealthy but present themselves as rather ordinary. Taurus is quite creative, as it is ruled by Venus. This creativity can be expressed or enjoyed through music or artistically. Outstanding singers usually have a strong Taurus point in their Horoscope. Once Taurus has got hold of something they want, they do not let go too readily. Taurus will be found to be solid, reliable, secure, predictable, with a strong sense of caring.

Taurus rules the ears, throat (including tonsils) and neck. People who have any of their personal planets or ascendant in Taurus will have sensitivity or health problems associated with these areas of their body.

If the Sun is in Taurus: Has to realise it might be very easy to get into situations in life but there will be no quick exit. The aim should be to become comfortable through establishing security that will last. A tendency to take over situations other people have began through recognising the potential of long-term stability and steady growth that can be developed. Life can produce situations where Taurus has to learn to stand their ground. Rarely will results be quick but what is more important is that a step back is NOT taken. Patiently wait for a forward step.

If The Moon is in Taurus: Stability and security is a natural expectation and is generally provided. There is no desire to change the things that work so that flexibility is not a strong point in the nature. Absolute resistance is applied to any unwanted change that has to be accepted. Very slow to adjust to change but will eventually get there. Reliable to the end with every intention of fulfilling any promises made. Has no desire to upset the security of others. Will just “know” things at times and no amount of cajoling will alter the opinion. Creative abilities.

If Mercury is in Taurus: learning will be slow, however, once understood, will not be forgotten. Ideas will be definite and will not like changing one’s mind. Will express themselves with directness and care.

If Venus is in Taurus: great care is taken with money and will steadily accumulate material resources in life. Will take their time in making a commitment to a relationship but once done, the intention is for life. Will be attracted to other people with Taurus traits. Will enjoy security and simple pleasures.

If Mars is in Taurus: action is slow, yet deliberate. Once a course of action is put in motion, there is no going back. A slow boiling temper but if it should reach boiling point, it will explode with great gusto.

If the Ascendant is in Taurus: The approach to anything new is extremely slow and cautious edging more towards resistance than acceptance. Presentation of the self is practical and reliable with a desire for others to be comfortable in your presence. Your reactions from feeling awkward can often be mistaken for rudeness.

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Gemini – The Twins

Gemini is the 3rd Sign of the Zodiac. Gemini is a dual sign (the 2 twins). This duality is the reason for Gemini’s changeability. It will also incline them to involvement in more than one thing at a time. It is the sign of communication, the talkative one. Gemini is very clever and can pick things up very quickly, particularly if they are interested in the subject. However, they can also forget quickly, once their attention is diverted in a different direction. For this reason, they often have trouble getting things properly organised. They will start something and as their attention is diverted, they race off in that direction, only to eventually realise the other matter is half done. Sometimes they will return to if, but very often not. It is simply left that way or forgotten. Gemini can also be this way with their conversations. They will talk about one thing. That can remind them of another point, which they divert to and that might lead them to something different again. The person trying to make sense of this feels completely lost! There is a constant need of mental interest and stimulation. For this reason reading can be an avid interest. Gemini likes information but doesn’t necessarily want to keep hold of it forever. Gossip is associated with Gemini and the more amusing it is the better. Gemini can be very clever with words. Writing skills are a Gemini trait. Gemini needs to have contact with other people so their need for communication is stimulated. They cannot be shut away for too long on their own without someone to talk to, although the telephone or a “chat line” on the internet may satisfy this need somewhat. Gemini provides plenty of ideas for others to think about.

Gemini rules the hands, arms, shoulders and lungs. People who have any of their personal planets or ascendant in Gemini will have sensitivity or health problems associated with these areas of their body. They definitely should not smoke.

If the Sun is in Gemini: Will have to learn to cope with change and to be versatile. Once this is accepted it leads to being able to quickly recognise when something has reached its use by date and needs to change. Have little desire to remain in situations that have lost stimulation. Everything in life has an opposite. The test for Gemini is to give consideration to both poles and discern the degree of what is acceptable and what is not. Being willing to increase knowledge before making swift alterations can be helpful but not always practiced.

If the Moon is in Gemini: The perception very quickly interprets the emotional content of any situation. There is an underlying restlessness that can make it difficult to ever feel completely settled. Many moves of home are often the case. If not moves, the furniture will be moved around on a regular basis to give a different look. Changes in life are readily accepted almost expected in a way. Easily bored if there is not sufficient mental stimulation. A gatherer of information which generally includes a love of reading. Natural communicator. Phones are essential!

If Mercury is in Gemini: talkative and usually fast talkers. Learning will be quick but readily forgotten. Very good communication skills. Won’t want to get too serious when it comes to decisions. Good at thinking up alternatives.

If Venus is in Gemini: carefree with money. Will earn money through utilising communication in some way. Denotes more than one marriage (or permanent relationship). May be emotionally involved with 2 people at the one time. Will enjoy change. Will be attracted to other people with Gemini traits.

If Mars is in Gemini: action is fast and changeable. Will act quickly upon an idea without thinking through the consequences. A lot of nervous energy. Has difficulty resting or taking things easy. Changing moods, mainly because of boredom.

If the Ascendant is in Gemini: Silence is not your scene in any situation, so conversation must be entered into, mostly upon your instigation. Variety and change is the name of the game. This will be expressed in areas of personal appearance and/or environment or moving from one place to another.

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Cancer – The Crab

Cancer is the 4th Sign of the Zodiac. Emotional security is Cancer’s strong point. They not only need this but will provide it. Cancer judge things by how they “feel” about it. It will either feel right or wrong, good or bad. They may not be able to fully articulate what is wrong, if it doesn’t feel right, but time will sort that out and prove their initial feelings to be correct. There are times when Cancer will go against their feelings and this is something they will live to regret. Cancer has a good memory and will be able to recall the most obscure detail from so long ago. Cancer is very resilient and although they may appear upset, they will always protect the very core of themselves. They know what has to be done, they know when it is time to side step an issue. Home and family is very important to Cancer. They generally have strong ties to family. Cancer collects and hoards because “it might come in handy”. Also because they attach sentimentality to objects that are associated with certain periods of time or people in their life. Cancer likes to provide protection, security and sustenance. They generally like to cook. They will be sympathetic if they feel it is warranted but quite aloof if they feel someone is trying to take advantage. To be comfortable Cancer has to “feel at home” in a situation. They will often check out people and places before they make a commitment. Cancer will keep going back because they feel comfortable, there is trust and the deal is reasonable. Cost is never the main issue. Cancer often likes to travel and while on the move, they will create a feeling of home wherever they stay. They will take something sentimental with them on their journey.

Cancer rules the chest, the mammary glands, oesophagus, stomach and diaphragm. People who have any of their personal planets or ascendant in Cancer will have sensitivity or health problems associated with these areas of their body.

If the Sun is in Cancer: Life is approached in an emotional manner but there will be the experience of circumstances that give no choice but to toughen up. This brings out the resilient nature of Cancer. Learning to protect matters important on a personal level will be a major lesson in life. This most definitely includes the self and not just those attached. It is necessary to find time away from the rat race to still the senses. It is the only way to be able to gain a sense of certainty or clarity on the array of feelings present in the environment most of the time.

If the Moon is in Cancer: Gives a naturally caring, protective nature. Likes to see everybody well fed and comfortable. Enjoys the feeling of being part of a family unit and has a willingness to put in whatever energy is required to keep this rolling along nicely. Can be oversensitive and emotional at times but there is nevertheless a resilience that others are not generally fully aware of. The home is important. Has a natural tendency to choose real estate that will be a worthwhile investment. Either likes or dislikes people instantly with uncanny accuracy.

If Mercury is in Cancer: will think about things in a sentimental way. Can make emotional decisions. Good powers of concentration and a wonderful memory. Will readily seek knowledge and information so that victory will be accomplished.

If Venus is in Cancer: careful with money, good at saving, even to the point of hoarding it. Might be seen as miserly. Will be interested in marriage once there is a desire to have a family and truly settle down. Will protect loved ones. Will enjoy food. There is an attraction to other people with Cancer traits.

If Mars is in Cancer: slow to act if there is not a sense of comfort. Will act immediately if there is a need to protect. Frustration is often expressed as an emotional outburst. Mood swings will be stimulated by aggravation.

If the Ascendant is in Cancer: You will “feel out” any situation in which you find yourself, generally in a reserved manner to sense whether and if it has the qualities that would make you feel at home. Your approach is extremely sensitive and caring. You will pitch in to tidy up after events, especially in the kitchen.

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Leo – The Lion

Leo is the 5th Sign of the Zodiac. The most important thing in life to Leo is to have fun. Leo has an ability to incorporate some fun into almost any situation. They will entertain, often quite unwittingly. Leo likes to be in control and this can come across as being “bossy”. Of course, they do not see it as bossy, but almost everybody else does. Leo will not be bossed themselves and if anybody tries this on they will find themselves meeting a very definite brick wall. Leo will do almost anything if they are asked, but if they are told to do it, they will rebel, often to the point of creating problems in their own life. Leo has extremely good organising skills but have no desire at all to be organised by somebody else. If they are expected to play a major role, it has to be done their way. Otherwise, they are quite happy to opt out and leave others to sort it out for themselves. Leo likes to be appreciated and when this is forthcoming they will become extremely generous of themselves and their resources. Flattery will get one a long way with Leo, as long as it seems genuine. Leo makes an entrance. Heads turn when Leo walks into the room. They are dramatic and have an ability to play whatever role is necessary in any set of circumstances. Leo is creative and this skill can be utilised to develop something, seemingly out of nothing. Leo will often have a thick head of hair. This is their mane (of the Lion) and a most important feature to them. Heaven help any hairdresser who ruins it. Leo is very proud but sometimes their pride can be their downfall. Leo is the sign of children and for this reason Leo will often have a lot of involvement or connection, directly or indirectly, with young people.

Leo rules the heart, spine and back. People who have any of their personal planets or ascendant in Leo will have sensitivity or health problems associated with these areas of their body.

If the Sun is in Leo: Is meant to brighten up the world in some manner, which generally leads to some form of recognition, if only minute. The primary aim should be happiness, both of the self and others. Leo’s role is to entertain whether this be light-hearted situations or more serious. When people find something has a fun or pleasurable element they are willing to listen and learn. Developing this skill to pass on information sheds light into the lives of those who come into contact with Leo. Very resistant to being told what to do. Subtlety works wonders.

If the Moon is in Leo: Is not to be ignored. Likes to be the centre of attention but this may not always occur for the right reasons. Knows how to be the boss but can be rather oblivious to the effect this might be having for good or bad. Can be seen as audacity. So much so it can leave others speechless and at times not game to challenge, so the door to opportunity is open through which Leo Moon proceeds. Naturally entertaining. Set out to enjoy life and have some fun. Will often work in areas where there is contact with children or youth.

If Mercury is in Leo: creative thinking patterns. Will come forward and say what they think needs to be said. Tend to think certain things must be obvious to everybody. Willing to take a chance because it might just work.

If Venus is in Leo: not practical with money. Likes to buy the best. Will freely spend money on entertainment and pleasure. Romantic, charming, will fall in love easily but not so good when fun turns to routine. Needs to have an outlet where creativity can be expressed. Attracted to others who have Leo traits.

If Mars is in Leo: will act without hesitation if they believe it is right. There is a strong desire to be in control. Manner can be very dominating. Fiery temper. A degree of naivety. Seems brave but can be quite insecure underneath it all.

If the Ascendant is in Leo: You have no desire to fade into the background. You are there to be noticed and will do things that draw attention. Your manner of presentation has a dramatic air, even of the simplest things. You can be very entertaining and will like dressing for the occasion.

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Virgo – The Virgin

Virgo is the 6th Sign of the Zodiac. Virgo stands back and analyses. In any new or strange situation, they will be taking note of all sorts of details surrounding them. It is not just the big things they notice, it is also the small and obscure. Virgo puts the jigsaw puzzle of life together. They gather the detail and determine exactly what pattern is being formed. Virgo are worriers. They worry about what “might go wrong” long before it happens. Unfortunately this can hamper their progress. It can also be instrumental in producing exactly what they are worried about. Better to turn their attention to a more positive expectation, however difficult this is to manage. Virgo is very germ conscious. To give a few examples. They will not eat food from a place that seems unhygienic or if the people serving don’t seem clean. They dislike public toilets, even any friend’s toilet that may not be clean. They will disinfect the washing machines at a laundromat before using them. They definitely wash their hands before eating. Virgo would be the biggest buyers of mouthwash, soap and disinfectants. Virgo is the sign to be of service. For this reason, they are more than willing to help out. They have to be careful they do not end up a slave to everybody else’s needs. Virgo is extremely neat and tidy with things that are important to them. Sometimes this can be all that they do but most times it is only with meaningful things. They can be extremely untidy in areas that don’t matter. Nevertheless, Virgo generally has a place for everything and will get very annoyed at those who do not put things back in their place. Virgo will have quirky little habit patterns. Sloppy habits of others will stimulate plenty of nagging from Virgo.

Virgo rules the upper abdominal region, the small intestine, the upper part of the large intestine, the pancreas and spleen. Having personal planets or the ascendant in Virgo will stimulate sensitivity, even health problems to these body areas.

If the Sun is in Virgo: Will have to learn to patiently take one step at a time without being able to clearly see the outcome. It will be by analysing the past and present patterns that future directions will become more obvious, even predictable. Dealing with detail is an absolute necessity even if it is not desirable. This is how skills will be developed. There is a driving force to research to gain self-improvement. It is also others who often benefit as a result. Have a desire to be of service in some way, which involves caring for the needs of others.

If the Moon is in Virgo: A natural born worrier particularly if things seem less than perfect. There is an innate understanding that everything in existence falls into a perfect pattern. There is a place for everything and everything in its place. Even if it looks untidy to others, the location is known, particularly with things that are important. Excellent skills when it comes to detail or doing a job properly. Have no desire at all to leave loose ends. There is generally a focus on health and taking care of the body. Can tend towards hypochondria at times. Fussy.

If Mercury is in Virgo: produces a very analytical mind. Wants to know the ins and outs of everything. Can be inclined to get too bogged down with detail. Will keep perfect records. Extremely suited to research. Can lack confidence.

If Venus is in Virgo: will generally be practical with money but can also be carefree at times. Rather shy in relationships. Very aware about sexually transmitted diseases. An aggravating habit pattern will put them right off a person. Will be attracted to people who have Virgo traits.

If Mars is in Virgo: will attempt to cover every angle before any action is taken. Will not hesitate in giving a helping hand. Will be extremely conscious that regular exercise is beneficial to one’s health. Highly skilled in structuring fine details.

If the Ascendant is in Virgo: You have no desire to be the centre of attention, which can be interpreted as detached. You prefer the role of observer rather than participator. You try to see where you can fit in and are of most use in any situation in a helping hand role or a working cog in the whole process.

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Libra – The Scales

Libra is the 7th Sign of the Zodiac. It is the middle sign, hence the scales. The scales also signify the fact that Libra is the sign of balance. However, this does not mean they are completely balanced. It means Libra is conscious of wanting to bring about balance. The question is though, from what standpoint is Libra trying to establish a balance? This might be difficult to discover from them. Libra likes peace and harmony. They will not set out to create open disruption. But neither are they prepared to endure a situation, which is not harmonious to themselves. Libra does not like to make a decision in a hurry. This does not mean they do not know what they want. They generally do. However, they need to discover the position of other people they are dealing with first. When Libra asks of another person what they want to do, it is their way of trying to discover where that person stands. Libran’s are the tacticians of the Zodiac. Libra is a natural when it comes to relating or attracting attention from others. They have a pleasant, charming manner and are generally good looking as well. Libra likes beauty and will often be involved in situations, which make people or things look better. Libra is the sign of partnership. Without a partner, Libra will generally feel incomplete. This does not mean Libra cannot cope independently. They can and in fact circumstances generally develop in life so they have to spend a period of time alone. During this period Libra will get to wonder whether they could adjust to a partnership again. Because Libra is the sign of balance, it goes without saying, that “as one sows, they shall reap”. Libra comes to understand this perfectly well.

Libra rules the kidneys, adrenals, the lumbar region of the spine. Any personal planets or the ascendant in Libra can bring sensitivity, even health problems to these areas of the body.

If the Sun is in Libra: Life will present situations in which a balance needs to be established. This is because Libra is the middle sign of the Zodiac. Before proceeding with any situation both the present position and the changing position need to be weighed up. Also the reaction of people involved. When Libra is indecisive it means there is something about the matter that doesn’t suit them or they sense other people may not behave, as they would prefer. So then Libra has to decide how they will cope. If they think they can, a definite decision ensues.

If the Moon is in Libra: The focus goes first to the position of the other person or people and what they might be expecting from the situation. This is compared to what Libra Moon wants and then the strategic plan of action begins to take shape. This is presented in such a pleasant way that the other party has no idea of the underlying motivations. It is the partnership desire that wants to be seen to please so that people don’t go running away. The expression of charm, softness and good manners comes naturally as well as the skill to present things beautifully.

If Mercury is in Libra: can communicate easily with others and put them at ease if they so wish. Prefer to concentrate on things that are pleasant. Will procrastinate, which is their way of diplomatically avoiding in issue.

If Venus is in Libra: will need to balance finances. Attitude with money may swing between carefree and practical. Will prefer to be in a relationship and will have a liking for beautiful and pleasurable things in life. Won’t like disruption and will want to keep things peaceful. Will be attracted to people with Libran traits.

If Mars is in Libra: the intention is to win but this is not made obvious. Have an ability to weigh up all sorts of possible alternatives towards eventually accomplishing their main aim. Can have a quick temper if caught off guard.

If the Ascendant is in Libra: Peaceful and tranquil surroundings with an air of beauty are your desire. You will set out to present yourself in this manner as well. Things out of balance bother you, which can lead to periods of indecision. To eventually find harmony, action needs to be taken to correct it.

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Scorpio – The Scorpion

Scorpio is the 8th Sign of the Zodiac. Scorpio is the sign of death. This does not just mean physical death but the death or definite endings of all sorts of situations in life. With the death (or ending), comes the birth of something new. These two things are intricately tied together, one simply does not operate without the other. It is something Scorpio seems to know. Once something has come to an end, for Scorpio, there is no going back. That’s it. To move onto something new, Scorpio has to be willing to first let go of whatever it is they don’t want. They can never have a foot in both camps. Scorpio is intense and definite. Everything is black or white, yes or no. There are no grey shades. Scorpio has tremendous self control and finds it difficult to understand why other people cannot exert this type of behaviour to the circumstances in their lives. Once Scorpio has made a definite decision to give something up, they just do it. Scorpio sets out to gain control. Once they have accomplished this they become extremely possessive of their position and everything which that situation encompasses. This can include people. Scorpio is intensely secretive, although they see themselves as just keeping a bit of information to themselves. This secretiveness does not daunt them in proceeding to dig up other people’s secrets though. They are highly investigative and have tremendous ability to get the very core of a matter. Surface appearances are not their interest, they want to know the original intention. Others often feel uncomfortable with Scorpio because their eye contact is so intense. It feels as though they a looking right into one’s soul. Perhaps they are!

Scorpio rules the nose, the bladder, the urinary tract, the reproductive organs, the prostrate gland, the descending colon and the rectum. Personal planets or the ascendant in Scorpio will bring sensitivity, even health problems to these areas.

When the Sun is in Scorpio: Will have circumstances arise in life where there is the need to let go, leave things in the past and completely move on. This should be seen as the birth of new opportunities rather than holding onto the death of what has been. It is important to learn to have control purely over the self. This will prove to be different to initial expectations. Once this is mastered the frustrations of the seeming affect or control of others will no longer exist. There is a sense of a massive source of power within. This more often emerges later in life.

If the Moon is in Scorpio: There is an innate understanding of what control is about as this has been a strong experience in the early part of life. Being secretive is a way of coping. There are no grey shades – it is either one thing or the other. The underlying drive is intense and there is no intention of failing once the pursuit has been initiated. They have a strong magnetism, which is extremely helpful in attracting their desires. Do not like to have possessions, even people, they consider their own, taken away. Will never forget a wrong doing towards them.

If Mercury is in Scorpio: tremendous powers of focus and concentration. Decisions will be definite and final. Comments can be cutting and to the point. There is often an interest in life after death or occult subjects.

If Venus is in Scorpio: money is very important. There is generally a desire to be wealthy. Quite a natural ability with investment, particularly the stock market. Very intense and possessive in relationships. Instinctively knows what other people are about. Will be attracted to others who have Scorpio traits.

If Mars is in Scorpio: almost unlimited energy. Unstoppable. Will not accept that things can get in the way. Can have an intense temper or get into really deep moods because of the build up of frustration. High, even insatiable, sex drive.

If the Ascendant is in Scorpio: Being in control of any situations in which you find yourself is most desirable. Your presence will be strongly felt by others with often a sense of caution. Any displeasure you experience will be transmitted without doubt. One look from you can convey a very intense message.

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Sagittarius – The Archer

Sagittarius is the 9th Sign of the Zodiac. Sagittarius has a very broad range of abilities, coupled with an expansive quality. Because of this, they may find it very difficult to focus on one clear direction. They are more likely to attempt to spread themselves in too many directions at once. If they are not careful, they will accomplish little. Sagittarius does not like to be restrained. Having one single focus can give them a restricted feeling. Sagittarius likes to be free. They like a sense of open space. Sagittarius is very open and generous. This will often be to their disadvantage because other people do not necessarily reciprocate in the same manner. It takes Sagittarius a long while to come to this realisation. They would prefer to think well of everybody and always look for the good points. Sagittarius are not good at keeping secrets. Even if they try to, somehow it slips out at the wrong time. Don’t expect them to lie. They can’t do it well because it goes very much against their conscience. Sagittarius tends to say it as they see it. “Foot in mouth disease” it is often called. They definitely give an honest opinion. If they believe in something they can convince other people to believe in it too. Sagittarius loves to travel. The further, the better. They are not very good at staying in the same 4 walls day in and day out. They need to be on the move and in contact with people from a variety of backgrounds and interests. Sagittarius likes to learn. Often this is in the form of study but it may just be taking an interest in all sorts of different things in life. They are very philosophical. Sagittarius is the eternal optimist and this is probably why they generally have a happy disposition.

Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, thigh-bone, sacrum, coccyx, sciatic nerves and the liver. Having personal planets or the ascendant in Sagittarius will stimulate sensitivity, even health problems to these body areas.

If the Sun is in Sagittarius: Life is about learning to expand the awareness not only of the self but that of others and certainly to have a future goal to aim towards. There will be situations arise that test what is seen as justice and the stand one must take as a result. Can experience the need to take the beliefs of others into account. Will have to learn to promote areas where attention from others is desired. Proper attention will reveal what the masses are seeking in any given situation. Then there is no limit at all to what can be gained from their response.

If The Moon is in Sagittarius: Bounds into any situation with positive enthusiasm and this includes meeting people for the first time. So friendly that others can’t help but to feel instantly comfortable and most welcome. Has a natural way of promoting anything they believe in. Generally loves travel and will often live distances away from the birthplace. Cannot handle being closed in with any situations in life. Prefers there to be no sense of a boundary. Has the goal in sight but does not see all the little steps that need to be taken along the way.

If Mercury is in Sagittarius: has a very direct, open and straight-forward manner of communication. The tendency to speak first and think later. An ability to understand a broad range of subjects. Eager to learn. Thinks about fairness.

If Venus is in Sagittarius: generous and trusting with money or financial matters. Money will always come their way when it is desperately required. Needs to have a sense of freedom in relationships. Usually denotes more than one marriage. Will be attracted to people who have Sagittarian traits.

If Mars is in Sagittarius: plenty of energy, always on the go. Wants to do things immediately – why wait. A strong interest in physical activities. Can show impatience but this is an automatic response rather than an intention.

If the Ascendant is in Sagittarius: Your approach is very open and friendly making others feel immediately comfortable and welcome. You have no desire to be restricted and like to roam, very often over long distances. Lack of boundaries can often mean you can be too generous of yourself.

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Capricorn – The Goat

Capricorn is the 10th Sign of the Zodiac. Responsibility and Capricorn go hand in hand. For Capricorn, there are many lessons in life associated with responsibility, generally from taking on too much. Capricorn has to eventually learn to be responsible to themselves and their own needs, rather than to everybody else. Capricorn is the great teacher. They have an ability to recognise what others need to learn and will be a guiding force without interfering in that person’s lesson. This will often seem cold and detached. A dry sense of humour is associated with Capricorn. This may seem rather strange because it appears to be such a serious sign. Capricorn was probably the inventor of situation comedy. They will see the funny side of quite ordinary situations that other people do not see as funny at all. It is the sign of business and brings quite a natural ability in this area. Capricorn is ambitious, in a quiet sort of a way. They steadily climb their way to the top, without fanfare, diligently working at whatever might be necessary. Once they get there, they stay there. Capricorn generally views that any gain to be expected in life will be commensurate with the amount of effort put in. In younger years, Capricorn may not want to accept this, but as life goes on, it will become obvious to them. If they are not willing to commit themselves, there will be little progress. Capricorn can be inclined to depression. This will be a result of things not going their way. They have to see that the world is not against them and learn to recognise what it is that they are doing wrong. Capricorn can be relied upon. They are loyal and are generally greatly valued by the people who are involved in their lives.

Capricorn rules the knees, skin, teeth and the skeleton of the body. Having personal planets or the ascendant in Capricorn will stimulate sensitivity, even health problems to these areas of the body.

If the Sun is in Capricorn: Must learn to recognise how things in life do become a solid reality or what the reality of a situation truly is. This will entail looking beyond appearances or what is initially presented. When proper focus is applied and the commitment made, the climb in life will more than likely be slow, but sure-footed and steady. There is generally a teaching element to whatever Capricorn gets involved in, requiring the development of skills that instruct other people in some way. Traditional values may have to be accepted somehow.

If the Moon is in Capricorn: Naturally responsible generally because this has been imposed early in life. Know that life wasn’t necessarily meant to be easy. Can readily recognise the lessons of life and will often be instrumental in ensuring that others come to understand these things. If this attitude isn’t taken there can be a proneness to depression. Must move on from automatically taking on obligations that others should be learning, even if it would be quicker to personally get it done. Have a sense of humour about the intricacies present in daily life.

If Mercury is in Capricorn: a serious mind. Will have a practical view of life. Focus and concentration will be diligent and persevering. Ideas can be rather conservative. Can be reserved about expressing their own opinion or ideas.

If Venus is in Capricorn: practical with money. Financial security is important, particularly where family is concerned. Serious about partnership commitments. Can remain tied to unhappy relationships through a sense of obligation, duty or responsibility. Will be attracted to others who have Capricorn traits.

If Mars is in Capricorn: will pursue things in a deliberate manner. Can utilise their energy very effectively. Action is direct, definite and usually predictable. Will certainly set out to be in control of the situation. Believes in rules and regulations.

If the Ascendant is in Capricorn: Natural caution and shyness will incline you to go into situations in a rather formal manner that can give an unapproachable appearance until people get to know you better. You tend to automatically take on responsibilities in any circumstances in which you find yourself.

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Aquarius – The Water Bearer

Aquarius is the 11th Sign of the Zodiac. Aquarius is individual, different. There is no desire to fit into the “normal” mould. This may not be quite so evident in the earlier years but will certainly develop strongly from 40 years of age onwards. Aquarius is extremely detached, although this may not be an obvious trait. If there is enough contact, it will eventually become evident. Aquarius is able to relate easily and readily to all sorts of people. They usually have a lot of acquaintances but get really close to very few people. Aquarius will accept people for whoever or whatever they are, without judgement. They don’t care what other people want to do with their lives. For this reason, Aquarius appears to be very flexible. WRONG! Their personal agenda is very definite. They are not willing to make sacrifices simply because they are expected to fit in with what might be expected of them. To avoid this type of pressure, they will completely detach themselves from the matter and that’s that. Aquarius is extremely logical, although often it does not seem like logic to others. They have an ability to deal directly with the issue and put all attachments or complications to one side. For this reason Aquarius has an ability to streamline activities – to cut out the unnecessary. Nor do they want complications in their own life. They cannot be bothered with it. They like to keep things simple. Aquarius is inventive. They are extremely independent. Freedom is vitally important to them and they will equally encourage other people to find this in their own lives. Aquarius does not care what other people think about them. How can this alter anything? After all, they believe, life is up to each individual.

Aquarius rules the legs from the knees to the ankles, the ankles and the sympathetic nervous system. Having personal planets or the ascendant in Aquarius will stimulate sensitivity, even health problems to these body areas.

If the Sun is in Aquarius: Life will ensure that Aquarius learns to be able to completely take care of themself and also enjoy it to a certain degree. This is easier to adapt to when young rather than in later years. This does not mean it stays that way forever but it is necessary to have this change in attitude. Once independence is experienced it doesn’t disappear. Finding the right place to be in life is generally not easily discovered. It seems to emerge from 40 yrs onwards. There often a lot of contact with people of younger generations as life goes on.

If the Moon is in Aquarius: Feels unique and individual with no desire to follow the trend or to accept anything blindly. Naturally logical and cannot see the sense in learning something that will never be of any use. Will in fact switch off to this type of information. Very open minded in relation to the way others want to live their lives. This gives the impression of being flexible when this is not the case at all. This is generally not discovered until somebody else presumes Aquarius Moon will fall into line with certain plans, but sadly discovers otherwise.

If Mercury is in Aquarius: a very clever and inventive mind. Extremely logical. Has no interest in learning things they feel have no purpose to their life. Causes will appeal to them. Once something has been solved the interest is gone.

If Venus is in Aquarius: money is not the most important issue in life but they will strive to have whatever is required for freedom of choice. Can be very detached in relationships. Will settle down quite suddenly, once they find the right person. Will be attracted to other people who have Aquarian traits.

If Mars is in Aquarius: extremely determined to do things in their own individual way. Will not be motivated in the usual manner. Can seem to ignore many things but will become most involved in quite unexpected issues or situations.

If the Ascendant is in Aquarius: There is no desire at all to be part of the herd. Your expressions are different and unique in the presentation of yourself and your surroundings. Judgement is not your scene, which makes you appear pliable until pressure is applied to do something you don’t want to do.

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Pisces – The Fish

Pisces is the 12th and final Sign of the Zodiac. Pisces is subtle, they never tackle anything head on. For this reason, they often give the impression of being weak but this is not the case. Pisces is the master of “avoiding issues”, particularly if it is confronting. They are not willing to add further energy to whatever is being confronted and because they don’t, it often sorts itself out. Anyway, this is their desire. Pisces have an ability to give certain impressions without actually expressing it in so many words. This can leave the other person presuming certain things, which are not actually the case. If it happens to be an expectation of the Pisces person, it will eventually be discovered they have no intention of following that path. However, it takes a while and by that time, the issue may not be quite so important any more. Pisces can be indecisive, particularly with major decisions, which represent a turning point in life or a serious commitment on their part. Even so, they will never be pushed into anything they really don’t want. But it is by being pushed that they eventually make a decision. It forces them to consider their options and that they certainly do. Pisces has an absorbing nature. This creates great sensitivity to all that surrounds them. They will be extremely aware of the existing mood of any situation, whatever is being presented on the surface. Often they take this too personally. Pisces needs a peaceful, relaxed environment for optimum energy level. A stressful environment will drain their energy. Pisces needs plenty of sleep. Being ruled by Neptune, the sea or a large expanse of water, usually has a calming effect. Pisces is also subject to addiction.

Pisces rules the feet and toes. Having personal planets or the ascendant in Pisces will stimulate sensitivity, even health problems to these body areas. It is imperative that properly fitting shoes are worn.

If the Sun is in Pisces: Progress will be dependent upon learning the subtle games that are played between individuals in life. This is often accomplished through adopting an attitude of going about things in a quiet way without drawing a lot of attention. This allows Pisces to see what is going on beneath the surface when others are not alerted to the need of covering things up. Situations may arise where one thing might need to be sacrificed for another. Must realise that accurate impressions do not come from instinct alone, reasoning is involved too.

If the Moon is in Pisces: Is naturally in tune with all that surrounds them. This can be very distracting if it becomes all encompassing. There is a need to have some quiet time alone for getting back to what should be focussed on as an individual. Can appear weak willed but this is far from the truth. Have generally been controlled a little through a sense of guilt. As a result has learned to give the impression of falling into line when there is absolutely no intention of doing so. It will eventually be discovered, often when it is too late to do anything about it.

If Mercury is in Pisces: can be quite vague when required to make a choice or express an opinion. Has an ability to confuse issues. This is a smoke screen. Very creative of mind and highly imaginative. Often has an interest in occult subjects.

If Venus is in Pisces: money has a way of slipping through the fingers. Will have a romantic attitude towards relationships. Will see people, especially loved ones, as they want to see them. Often an interest or ability with music, art or any form of creativity. Indulgent. Will be attracted to other people who have Piscean traits.

If Mars is in Pisces: action is subtle, yet definite, in an underlying way. Will not act until the situation has been well contemplated. Any feelings of uncertainty will stimulate a mood of resistance. Should listen to their inner voice.

If the Ascendant is in Pisces: You naturally absorb everything that is going on around you, which can be physically and emotionally draining. You need to have quiet time alone to recharge the batteries. You give an appearance of indecision so you can wait things out, in which time they often sort themselves out.

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